Conflagration relic

I think this relic needs a lot of love.

I think this is the worst relic I have ever used (for my commando char).

It needs staggering amounts of mana, the mechanics is awkward and the benefits small.

What do you think?

It would be more useful if it was an aura or a sigil/rune on the ground.

The active skill needs to cost way less mana, 1/2 or even 1/3 of the current cost.

The armour reduction is useless as the skill is purely fire damage. Maybe change it to lower enemy DA?

Stats on the item are fine, it’s just the Conflagration granted skill which has issues.

This relic is good before you can craft Ulzuin Pyroclazm or Iscandra Balance.
The proc is usefull as an aditional dmg source for transmuted BWC Sorc`s .

Yes, it’s very useful for the +1 Demo skills before you can get better Relics.

Conflagration doesn’t have a proc though, only a granted skill.

Maybe you misunderstand what “proc” means, it refers to X% chance on Attack/Crit/getting hit skills in GD. In general gaming it refers to random occurence events.

I remember some sorcer build based on this relic and this build can handle with ultimate (main campaign).
So… it’s not a awful (or any bad) relic, it’s good mid-tier relic.