Confused about wells with rain


Is the rain increasing water generation by additive % or multiplicative %?

If its additive 33 + 500 = 533%
Or multiplicative 33 x 500% = 165%
Or maybe I’m just an idiot an none of those relate to a wells water bonus.

Basically asking because if its additive then it makes sense to place wells directly next to each other during rain.

I don’t know the answer to the additive or multiplicative part, but if you look you’re getting a penalty of -67% because you have wells that are too close to other ones. So putting them side by side wouldn’t work at all. Space your wells out more to get rid of the penalty.

Yeah I understand that wells aren’t worth putting side by side.
I need to know if the rain penalty negates this to some extent tho.

Perhaps the bonus is applying without affecting the “Total Bonus” readout.

From the panel it looks like there’s a maximum of 100% Total Bonus, and the negative impact is bringing it from 100% to 33%. I assume the rain bonus is multiplicative, so while it doesn’t show a change to total bonus you may still be experiencing the 165%.

The only way to know right now is watch the water generation in normal months and then compare in a rainy month