Congrats on Release & Top Sellers

I’m very proud of Crate on what they set out to accomplish with GD - It’s everything I could’ve wanted from an aRPG. Following since 2011-ish and the wait has seriously been worth it.

Playing through GD reminds me of the golden days with Diablo I & II, Dungeon Siege I & II, TQ, and even Divine Divinity. Different games from each other, but the feeling I get is the same, and something most recent aRPG’s haven’t given to me.

Crate has managed their budget near perfectly, given us an even bigger game then expected, and added VO which I never thought they’d be able to do. The facelift to several locations, giving each zone it’s own identity, hundreds of uniques, and more creature diversity and variety then I could have imagined.

Really happy for the success so far, and it can only mean great things for us with more content in the near future.

Great job, guys. The genre needed GRIM DAWN like you would not believe.

Now if only we could have Crate develop a new Dungeon Siege… I know, wishful thinking

I am thrilled to see Grim Dawn in the top 5 Steam best sellers.

So much this!

So thrilled, congrats Crate, keep on it!!!

(can’t post links/images since this is my 1st post):cool:

Yeah it will be for sure a big success maybe as TorchLight or even more i guess :slight_smile:

I hope the reviews from the big sites will roll in soon, couse i’m very interested into waht they have to say :slight_smile:

And i Agree, the Genre needed another great A-Rpg besides D3 and Path of Exile, and now that GD is here i think this genre will get the attention it deserves :slight_smile:

There’ll be a lot of comparisons to Diablo II, which many would argue that GD is what D3 should’ve been, this is a spiritual successor to Titan Quest, not Diablo.

Just as people compare Path of Exile to Diablo II I’ve always found it sharing more with the first Diablo. The pace, camera position, the art-style, animations, etc…

I feel as though many “Critics” will also bring up missed opportunities, such as cutscenes, a story, character creation, and all the things that, yes, would be nice, but I have no doubts they’d forget there is a difference between a AAA Budget of millions, as oppose to AAA quality “Indie” with a budget that isn’t a few million dollars.

This. There are going to be a lot of clods comparing it to D3, frustrating me to no end because D3 was designed to be something so different. Some people give anything triple A and advantage in ratings but fun should be the only thing that matters.

GD is the only spritual successor of D2 I’ve played that lives up to its name. Well at least I’m going to learn which gaming sites I’m about to lose all respect for.

I agree wholeheartedly!

I’m an avid player of ARPGs, including currently Path of Exile, D3 and Grim Dawn,but in the past DI-II, TitanQuest, and Torchlight.

I like them all. They provide various aspects to differ them from the others. Though so far this is fulfilling that theory-crafting itch in a loot driven game that the others really haven’t been able to do.

Well done!

GD is probably 75% TQ and 25% d2 successor I’d say. POE is more like 2/3 d2 and 1/3 d1. It doesn’t matter to me, I still like GD more than POE.