Conjurer and Cabalist in

How far is Conjurer behind Cabalist since the new patch? With the primal spirit and primal bond buffs is Conjurer finally superior?

Those buffs and familiar buffs help lightning conjurer and Witching Hour got nerfed too so… idk

Haven’t been able to play in months so I have no clue how things currently are.

Managed to beat both secret bosses with Conjurer in Beastcaller set lvl 75 (i.e. without 2nd Briarthorn), all rogue dungeons, Kra’vall and Nemesis bosses.

With Mythical Beastcaller Set he is definitely 150 Gladiator viable. Certain Conjurer summoner builds do 150-170, Mogdrogen and Ravager - which is the only true signature of build’s strengh in my opinion.

Cannot say anything about Cabalist except i believe with proper gear he can do all above as well, so in the end it’s up to personal preferences.

Yes, conjurer is overall superior now, but burst damage wise inferior.

Conjurer is more newbie friendly, cabalist needs insane apm:p

Pet Ritualist and Apostate can clear glad crucible150 without banner or buff too(I haven’t tried 160 and 170yet, I put all my energy into the new pet apostate)

Pet apostate may be the most powerful of them all if you are a great pilot.:stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a thread with the Apostate pet build? I’m very intrigued.

Lol, will be…the parrot way;)
—-a video celebrating his countless triumphs in glad crucible170 without buff or banner to proof his ultimate valor.:cool:

And of course, there will be a Grimtool link.:stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t know how happy hearing that Conjurer is superior makes me. Not that I dislike Cabalist in any way at all. It’s just that ever since Necromancer came out all you would ever hear is Cabalist and how strong it is and that conjurer is so weak when compared. Everywhere I went like Reddit or twitch and had a question about pets and told them I was playing Conjurer they would always ask why I’m wasting my time and that i should be playing Cabalist instead. I kept my conjurer and didn’t make a Cabalist like everyone else. I like how tanky I am, I like my kitty cat and my briarthorn. The nature like pets make it sort of feels like playing D2 druid. Also Cabalist would have destroyed my gpu with like 10x flame torrents and the mage projectiles.

Yeah, Crate, Conjurer is so strong! That’s not fair!

Well seriously---- Since skeles got nerfed so much----I think it would be much better if they get a health buff or armor buff(like40%), so we don’t have to farm those MI greens and pet builds would be possible for a lot of classes without a strong pets’ health buff or heal.

And of course, Zantai, Guardian of death gates needs a skill buff too(For shaman! Like plus3 to primal bond or Mog’s Pact! Occultist and Soldier just can’t use this weapon for a summoner build, so maybe we could change its skill buffs for shaman instead? Thx in advance:p:p)

We need to keep the meme Soldier pet items alive, only the depths of Crate’s office knows why there are items that grant Soldier bonuses and pet bonuses. Anything that shifts bonuses so Cabalists don’t hog every decent pet item is great in my book, so I give my +1 to removing Occultist bonuses.

Lol, all those dank memes!:rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue: