[Conjurer] Wildblood Vit/Decay Caster (with some melee)

A few days ago I posted my vit / bleed dot caster here in the forums looking for tips & hints and got alot of feedback for which I’m rly thankfull!
BIG THANKS TO ALL WHO HELPED!!! :slight_smile:

I had major issues with my OA being OK’ish at best and my DA barely being above 2k which was horrible!

I was also told that it would be better to just focus on the vit part & change my devotions.
Thats exactly what I did and the char feels alot better now when it comes to being able to take on the “big bad bosses” and being able to facetank for a certain amount of time.

This is what I came up with after some respecs and testings:


Where do I start…

I changed my helm, amulet, both rings, medal, legs, gloves and properly (i hope :eek: ) adjusted comps /augs.

I decided to go with the Myth Abyssal Mask cuz it gives me +levels to two of my main abilities plus a nice debuff effect to Bloody Pox.

When I changed the amulet I was torn between Myth Peerless Eye of Beronath or a lucky Conduit of Eldrich Whispers craft with 60 sec duration to Blood of Dreeg + a huge pierce res. roll.
Decided to go with the Conduit cuz the QoL to Blood of Dreg was just too good imo and the pierce res was much needed plus it let me droped Oak Skin in the shaman mastery entirely which I needed before to cap pierce res.

Myth Mark of the Forbidden, again, for vit dmg. and a nice proc + max ele res and a nice buff to bloody pox once again.

As rings I picked Myth Signet of the Fallen cuz vit dmg. + a nice vit dot debuff on crit and Myth Lifegiver Signet to get back alot of life when either in huge packs or when tanking bosses, the 25% weapon dmg on the lifetaker is also greatly boosted by my Myth Wildblood Crusher which helps alot plus it help negating the downside from Dying God.

Legs are just a filler for now until I get good greens.

My gloves cuz they again enhance Bloody Pox+ give alot OA, life & vit dmg.

Myth Boneshatter Treads are also a filler atm but have been nice so far, especially the proc on them and +2 to swam helps save points.

About my masteries:


I pick up Second Rite and pushed it as high as possible to get alot dmg outa it for my melee hits.

Blood Pox & Wasting I pushed up as high as I could as well for the dmg. and 1 point into Black Death for the confuse chance.

Vulnerability for the -vit res, Blood of Dreeg as high as I could for the heal, OA & hp reg. & Aspect up to 12 for res. and some dmg.


Feral Hunger cuz it helps gaining back life when I melee when all my dots are applied and 1 point into Upheaval cuz I crit fairly often and some extra dmg never hurts I guess.

Wendigo Totem + Blood Pact 1 point each to get a bit extra life gained when needed.

Savagery only 1 point cuz I used Beronaths Fury before but rly wanted a movement skill, so I replaced it with Shadow Strike and got Savagery as auto attack replacement instead + the note after, Tenacity of the Boar, gives me a rly nice OA/DA boost when being melee & Might of the Bear for a nice dmg. boost + phys res.

Devouring Swarm mainly to debuff and deal a little dmg. & Grasping/Entangling Vines for dmg. + Immobalize & slower enemy attacks.

And at last Heart of the Wild cuz more HP is always good!

Huhhhh… Now I wrote way more than I originally planned :smiley:
But here’s what I managed to do so far:
Was able to beat every nemesis I encountered so far even tho some are harden then others… finally killed Lokarr and farmed myself a leveling set :cool: even tho the fight is rly scetchy imo… :eek:
I can farm all the Dungeons without big issues as well, so overall a big success I would say.

Would rly apreciate some more feedback / hints / tips / suggestion / tweaking ideas!!!

I dont have any videos and fear I cant record any atm, sorry! :eek:

Again thanks to everyone who helped earlier!
Cheers, Mergo!