Conquerors of shattered realm

Hi, ladies and gentlemen,
With the latest update it’s an actual question to find builds to farm shattered realms (SR next).
I want to present you some of mines, if anyone’s looking for smth like that.

(NEW) VITALITY ARCHON (Wildblood + parts of SR set). No abcorbtion, no huge armor/da, no damage reduction, just pure lifesteal. SR set is actually very good with its resists, armor and hp bonuses.


GT link

  1. CLASSIC VINDICATOR (Stormreaver+Light’s Defender). This one was seriously reworked to fight against powerfull groups of enemies (maximazing attack speed, armor and flat damage)


GT link

  1. AN OBVIOUS DERVISH (Full venomblade). This build can achieve 75 lvl of SR, but i strongly recomend to farm 65-66, 'cause 65-75 run needs skilled playing, knowledge of timings and specificity of the bosses. Also this is my first experience with DW build, advice is welcome. Imo, Venomblade needs +1 to nb and ok to be a top-tier set.


[COLOR=“Lime”]GT link[/COLOR]

Hope you enjoyed, i have some ideas for more builds, see you soon:)

Too easy for you :smiley:
Nice builds!

Congrats mate!

I LOVE the first one, thanks for your sharing ! :slight_smile:

Thank you:)

you are welcome;)

Great job, Dementia.

Thanks, 30% stun res was a problem only on Dervish with Anasteria’s spam

Thank you very much:)

Not a mate! :smiley:

Good job, Dementia, very tough builds (and some great piloting too). I loved the editing as well.

Another girl on the forum o_O

Stoneguard Warlord will probs be nerfed because the retal to attack build can carry 4 people through 76 at high speeds without sweating.

Thanks, mr inspector:D

Impressive display! :cool:

Have done a successful test of the new build, expect video soon;)

Damn you make it look easy :open_mouth:
Great Builds btw. :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: added new build - vitality Archon


Hello, do you have any update for the vindicator build ? :slight_smile:

Hello, it doesn’'t need update and still is strong :slightly_smiling_face: