Consecrated Blade needs updating

Occultist’s Solael Witchblade have weird transmuter called Consecrated blade. It’s only function is to convert small portions of physical damage to chaos. Since mechanics don’t allow to remove transmuter skill, I suggest some extra boost to make it more desirable.

I mean conversion isn’t bad at all but the things is values are really low but more importantly Abomination have 50% on the proc and some skills have inbuilt 100% physical to chaos. So good idea to buff it or add extra effect.

While we are at chaos subject Darkblaze Ammo belt is still missing %chaos value.



If nothing else, some bonus % Chaos or Flat Chaos damage would go a long way for what has long been a mediocre transmuter at best, and a waste of three skillpoints at worst.

Even better, Magical->Chaos conversion would be swell; perhaps a skill-based source of Vitality or Fire -> Chaos, independent of gear?


Yes good suggestions.

Perhaps flat chaos will be considered too OP, since you have it on Solael skill and Possession but it’s waste of points now.

Conversion is neat idea too and it’s not outlandish proposal, since it’s more common in gear section.

15% phys conversion is usual for an exclusive, in here it comes separately which is actually kinda useful, for when you wanna take possession on a non-chaos build.

The problem is it doesn’t have any real use now because of poor chaos itemization: those rare chaos weapons with phys base are pretty bad.


I find that doubtful as large quantities of flat damage is kind of the calling card of Chaos (and Acid) - see Rah’zin and Harbinger, neither of which are too strong - but perhaps for how early it could be available it may be too good for weapon-based Occultists.

Does that really matter when any WD chaos build inevitably goes for Posession as an exclusive, and thus takes the full 50 in the mastery?

Nice suggestion Nery. I almost forgot this transmuter existed because my brain ignores it. +1

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I’d see the same stat added for pets. Since Witching Hour and Voidwhisper ring nerfs long - and pet nerfs all across the board - chaos pets lost a little bit too much of their offensive potential in my opinion. Chaos pets used to be the very fastest action build - the ultimate steamroller. Don’t wanna have them as op as before - just provide an alternative to most pets builds now which are all about losing aggro and going to sleep.

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