Console update?

Hi folks , can any of the team provide an update on console development/ release ? Other than we have nothing to share .

Many thanks


25th May:

“Any news on Xbox version? Still shooting for Q4 this year??
It’s being worked on, Rhis is working hard on that. I’m not sure where it’s at right now, I haven’t looked at it for a while - you know, working on Forgotten Gods and all - last I heard it’s in a pretty good state. Not sure how close it is to release.”

22nd June stream:

“Flavourius :@Zantai_GD any info about XBOne release? after FG I assume?
xbone release, depends on when the xbone code changes are ready, then we need to make some tuning adjustments probably
it’s not really fixed on when FG is out”

Thanks , I’ve seen these , maybe I’m over hopeful/impatient but I’d like to see something finite from this lot (other than a sledgehammer to back of head) lol

Ps you do a great job here