Console version or content?

Hi guys, this is just a silly poll as I was running through the question “is there any hope for console version of GD in the future” and I immediately said to myself “Hell no, rather take care of more content”. So, the question is simple and straightforward…would you like to see more content to expand the game itself (exp No.2 ?) or rather see the console version of GD to create greater player pool?

Well, a Xbox version is already planned in the future, and we’re getting an expansion, so…

Anyways, I’ll vote for new content.

Going for the unpopular vote here. Expand to a wider audience, with a wrapped-up game. Then move to new and exciting stuff.

consoles are evil :furious: they are like a brakes…


I’ll vote option 3… both :stuck_out_tongue:

The console version is already likely to improve the current game with vastly improved controller support, and the more copies Crate sell the more chance of additional expansions for the entire game :smiley:

The question is for which console? If it will be also for PS3, so I’d prefer version for consoles a later new content.

I shall vote for: Clarity

The xbox port will take nothing away from future content. Quite sure this was already explained by the devs a number of times :wink:


Also, a console version = more money (I hope) for Crate.
Which leads to more content. :cool:

I may have said this before. Saying something doesn’t make it true. And even if they mean it now, which none of us can be sure of, that doesn’t mean they’ll mean it in a year or so. Long term, I very much doubt consoles will do us any good. In the short term, the temporary influx of money will probably be nice for Crate.

It’s a largely pointless poll. Here’s why…

Originally Posted by medierra
I don’t think GD will sell nearly as well on console as it did on PC but in creating the PC version, we’ve done over 95% of the work involved in creating a version for Xbox One. I estimate we’ll earn back our cost if sell only 10,000 copies. Even if we even sell 20% of the copies on Xbox One that we sold on PC, it will be a huge return on our very small investment. Really, it would be stupid not to make a console port.

It does make it true @Nssheepster… as I’m sure you are aware. But judging by your post it would appear that your thinking remains as skewed as ever.

@LiberX - No. Only for Xbone currently.

Say that a year or so after the Console version releases. THEN you might have a point.

There is a difference between you and I. I have a bit more faith in Crate than you. Largely because they have always held up their end or done everything they could to do so, in my experience.

Your “year after release” scenario means squat to me, and squat to the picture-at-large, and your outlandish view on the console release is ridiculous to the extreme. It is what it is.

Keep pushing your agenda here and Rottenflesh will likely see this thread locked, just like yours ended up.

No. The difference isn’t the faith. The difference is that you assume your faith matters. Crate is not the first honorable game company I’ve seen in action. Honor lasts for a while. Then the company either starts going under, or starts getting bigger… And the honor you have so much faith in starts to be less important. A year after release, more specifically a year after a significant short term cash flow… Will they still be as honorable when they’ve started getting bigger? We’ll have to wait and see. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that your faith in them somehow means that you are correct, just like I don’t make the mistake of assuming I am correct. I may be wrong… But I doubt it, and I’m going to plan for that, so that I don’t get burned if I am right. If I am wrong, no harm done. If you are wrong, however, you get burned. Take the safer course, is my advice.

EDIT: I’m not pushing an agenda, and I ASKED for that thread to be shut down.

Content and console release are neither equivalent nor mutually exclusive.

Content = designers

Console port = programmers

The guys building the expansion for you are literally not involved with the console port, and vice-versa.

Not really sure where honor comes into this. If we promise to do something publically, we do it and we do it to our quality standard. The expansion is already ludicrously larger than it honestly needs to be and still be called an expansion. If we said we were going to do something but then it turns out we lied, then I can see why our “honor” may have been hurt.

How we decide to distribute the company’s funds/resources is a matter of what we deem is best for our longterm stability as a business and certainly does not have anything to do with a forum poll.

until then you also have no point, just the same level of speculation (or less, given Crate’s statements…) as the other side

Also, the poll is wrong, this is not an either/or decision

How so? At 200+ dollars spent on the game and over 7 thousand hours of enjoyment with Grim Dawn, at which point is this somehow going to “burn” me?

I’d say I got my moneys worth and then some.

So far this is entirely true. I am simply a worrying kind of person, and I have trusted business similar to your current state before… And not had it go well. So I simply assume from the start that this will not last. If it does, no harm done. If it doesn’t, I am prepared. It’s a simply philosophy that I apply throughout my life, and it’s done alright so far.

It hurts to trust a business or organization, feel like you know them… And then find that you do not. Monetarily, you’re quite correct. However, if you find sometime in the future that Crate can no longer be a company you support, and thus you leave the game… You’ve now lost a game and a community you spent many hours in, and often the people you met IN that community, and that generally hurts. It’s not a monetary loss, but there are things other than money.

True. But I am prepared.

I think I’ll manage and I don’t see any future happenings directly affecting GD to that extent. You seem primarily focused on circumstances that literally have not happened and are motivating yourself with pure conjecture, living in fear of the future.

Have it your way. As for “fear of the future”… Fear is generally what kept our species alive long enough to get here. As long as it doesn’t run your life, healthy fear and general preparedness are never really amiss.

Except we are talking about a game company here. Not life and death. At worst they eff it up and the company goes under. I’d be sad to see it go but (except in the weirdest of circumstances) I don’t expect my death will be directly caused by them. Life goes on. Maybe Zantai tries to snort a huge pile of cocaine thru his zentai that he bought with his cut and it all goes horribly wrong? Poor Zantai. Such weird fetishes but at least Hasselhoff would approve.