Constant Multiplayer Server Crash

My friend and I each have gotten consistent crashes (6 just last night in 3+ hours) as the host while playing multiplayer sessions (online). The crash manifests as either a black screen or frozen screen, although music continues and mouse is still able to move.

Things of note:

  • Both of us are on AMD 5xxx series chips, 3xxx Nvidia cards, 32 gigs of ram, ssds, windows 11.
  • Tried swapping who hosts: the host always is the one who’s session crashes.
  • It seems to consistently happen when the person who joins is back in town (Devil’s Crossing) doing inventory management, either at a shop or stash.
  • We have had no crashes during actual exploring and combat.
  • Using Steam version, with all expansions.
  • Playing with controllers, with occasional mouse for inventory.
  • When prompted by Steam at start up, tried both x64 and plain old Grim Dawn. Crashes in town persist.

Any thoughts on what we can try?

Update for anyone else experiencing this in the future: We found that disabling “Auto Item Tooltips” in the Interface options seemed to drastically increase stability; we’ve had 1 crash in the last 6 hours of playing.

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you playing a mod of any kind?

Thanks! No mods, just the base game + expansions.

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