Constant Sky Shards build


I’m new to forgotten gods, but I’ve been finding some green items with sky-shards on attack. And I was thinking of a Templar build with Eye of Reckoning as main attack, and then trozan sky shard for main boss-hitter. With some of those % on hit items for sky shard it would rain rocks while spinning away. And as crowd-control attacks first the Judgement to pull all in drop a major TSS, then the olexa’s freeze for minus resists to boost the Eye of reckoning etc. And those guardian’s with -resists as a little bonus dmg.

Anyway, i’ve not yet reached end-game (haven’t even chosen 2nd class yet), but is a build like this possible? Or would I be wasting my time chasing this build? Love to hear your thoughts.

I wouldn’t even yet know if it would require a 2-hander or sword’n’board type and what devotions. My end-game knowlegde of items and the modifiers is 0.

Is it possible? Yes.

Will it be good? No.

This will be due to the OK’s lack of support for cold/lightning damage

EDIT: OFF’s fire RR also will not apply to enemies which aren’t frozen. And as you progress into the game, you’ll realize that most end game enemies have extremely high freeze res

But it does support Fire very nicely no? This and this exist :wink:

Spanks is right otherwise though - you can get it to work for some things, but you’ll be hard pressed to get it to work for everything/be as good as other builds out there. Don’t expect amazing results out of it.

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riiiiiiight. I forgot about those!

evilbaka strikes again!

But the skill points needed might be too much, and its extremely item dependent.

Unless you use GDstash

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Alright thanks for the replies! Guess i’ll try to think of something else to use in combination with the oathkeeper. Demolitionist or double charging soldier or w/e :smiley: The idea of constant shards falling down seemed cool though!

I’m guessing for new into the content, it will take to much farming to get those conversion items Evil_Baka mentioned. Quick question tho, would the conversion of TSS into fire apply also to those shards from item proc?

Unless you use GDstash

I Don’t use it, no idea what this is :smile:

The Cold->Fire modifier on the amulet wouldn’t, only specifically to the Arcanist skill.

The Lightning conversion on the daggers applies to every instance of Lightning damage so that would.

Basically an outside tool used for creating gear (amongst other things). Some niche builds like the one you were thinking of would require getting some hard-to-obtain gear that could take days, weeks or even months to get legit due to extremely low RNG. Instead, the tool can just give it to you for free.

Some high level players use it just to test out character concepts without having to spend large amounts of time getting the right gear because they enjoy the part of the game that is finding new, interesting ways to build characters/playstyles and I respect that.

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Yeah. Use a druid or a mage hunter.

With trozan’s set, you can cut down TSS CD to 0.9s IIRC.