Content mods?

Question about modding tools/community. A lot of people are eager to alter game mechanics, rebalance the game, add new masteries, stash space etc.

But I did not find anything about adding new content. I would love to know if someone’s planning to add new monsters, areas, traps, lore, random locations/game modes etc.

Do you know anything about such mods?

I’m definitely more eager for contents mod especially if the modding tools capable of doing some special mini games.

I have a content mod outlined. It would be mostly several linked underground locations with two new factions. I am concerned however by what I’ve gathered about how mods operate–if it’s a chore or not even feasible to run multiple mods together, it’s unlikely small to medium content mods will get much play.

depends on the content I guess

Some additional items, mobs, more spawns like xmax for TQ (maybe not as drastic an increase, but more hero spawns) and a connection from the bridge to Tyrants Hold would be a great addition :smiley:

True, but I think of those as gameplay mods. I can see people making an effort to merge those (or whatever has to be done to run multiple mods together). Adding, let’s say, a new Act 4 town off in the mountains with a few quests might be attractive to play for some, but loses luster if player 1 also wants to use gameplay mods a, b, and c; player 2 wants b, c, g, and w; player 3 wants…It just gets unmanageable for a mod author to accommodate those kinds of requests.

So, I’m hoping it won’t be a big pain for players to do it themselves, or that there’s a nice merge tool.

Mod Ideas & Requests - a list of ideas and partially wips.

There are also a few more mods that are already work in progress (especially mastery content mods) but in a hidden section.

As for playability of mods in MP: There are some types of modifications that can be played in mp without requiring anyone else but the host to run it and some not.

Map changes mostly can not be played without having anyone run the same mod. Changing the amount and types of monsters that spawn does not require anyone to run a mod.

Unfortunatelly the line between requiring anyone to have a mod or only the host is something that is case dependant which means you can’t say something like a certain sector can be used this way or not.

I’ve been having a lot of “fun” in tq by figuring out how to do serversided mods and they’re partially very limited and regarding other things they offer a lot of possibilities.