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Hey, @anon94264551, @mad_lee here,

I was watching this Octavius discussion and decided to try your Warlord spec. It is strong and fun (and fast in SR), but I thought it was missing some tankiness and some single target punch and it had too many buttons for my taste.

So I used your build and applied some of our knowledge and experience and did this: Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Here are the results:

I don’t know if it can beat your guys record (even with fixed rooms there is still tonns of rng) but I think it’s definitely a more well-rounded build overall.

(still not top10 build tho)

You said top “10” this time, so you think it deserves a top 11-20 place in your rank list? That’s nice! Anyway, let’s forget about the “top” thing and leave it alone.

Life leech stacking is good. It will definately raise it’s tankiness a lot. Personally I thought one more Restless Remains on gloves is enough, but the more LL the better. That’s fine.

AS is good for solo fight, so you have a little better Ravager score. That’s nice.

Trauma duration bouns is better than AS in farming SR imo, so I’m not sure if the one you post can have better SR score.

Also War Cry versus Shattering Smash. War Cry deals RR more quickly and more widely than SS, and DoT damage counts the corresponding resist only when it was dealt, so War Cry is also better in SR. With the high CDR of Octavius set, DR is not a serious problem imo.

I didn’t come to Doombringer before. That would be a nice idea. I’ll try it later.

Personally I would simply stack super-high trauma for as high SR farming efficiency as possible, but if you think your version being more well-rounded overall, that’s it. The best one is always the one that fits your taste best. Have fun!

Disagree. The best weapon component is Seal of Void. Might is a very strong pack of stats. But it’s not OP. Granted skill is not universally stronger than Resonance, a lot of ele builds would prefer the native dmg seal to cover cc res. Other seals provide very valuable dmg sources or leech so they can’t be compared. And the vast majority of lower ranked phys builds need that Might bonus so you’ll have to find other ways to nerf builds.

This is true, cunning is the best value of all attributes. But then again, by far the highest cunning stacking builds are pierce. And pierce is weaker than most dmg types.


I do think the set has to be represented there. In the end we didn’t have enough manpower to test everything in time. Lee’s caster Paladin came late in the testing and didn’t get proper spotlight. I’ve made RF + Kalastor Octavius after top20 which tanks Calla and has decent speed in SR and Cruci. As for Warlord we extensively tested Forcewave and Aegis for Octavius and only briefly a version with RF.

Regardless of what version one would prefer, the set deserves a spot in a list of best builds in the game right now.

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