Control Scheme

The grim dawn control scheme is good. One major issue though is when using the new scheme it can be difficult for casters and ranged heroes to move around in large mobs. Since the move key is bound to the LMouse/Default attack key, any time the cursor moves over anything clickable the cursor automatically locks on and attacks. It can be very frustrating trying to get away from a mob with the entire screen full of creatures and explosions.

The old scheme is clunky. It will not auto lock/attack but the cursor will not highlight anything either. Once something is clicked to target, it stays in target mode as long as MButton is held. A click fest starts where you are trying to click toggle between move mode and attack mode.

I have tried combinations of “move here” assigned on the mouse button along side the main attack, and also combinations of using the standing attack key, but the move here ability suffers party from the same issue as the old scheme, it doesn’t highlight clickable objects as you move around, and sometimes when I press the other mouse key to attack it seems to forget i was holding the move key and fails to resume movement when i stop attacking. This has resulted in a few untimely deaths. Standing attack only seems to use the weapon, and its not helpful to a caster using a spell as his main ability, and the ability still auto locks when assigned to left mouse.

It is nice nice to be able to move with the default attack key with an ability assigned to it and highlight objects in the world. Its most natural and there appears to be bonuses to some abilities if it is assigned to that key(at least that is what Firestrike implies…but im not sure if it is referring to a particular mouse key when it says “when used as your default attack”). But i would also like to not attack everything automatically.

So Id like to suggest a third option. Left mouse moves you around, and highlights world objects and enemies but does not auto lock and attack. Holding a key locks on target and attacks but with the ability assigned to Left Mouse instead of weapon, essentially toggling you into the “new scheme” as long as it is held. Highlighted movement without auto attack resumes when the key released. Something of a hybrid between old, new, move here and standing attack.

Have you tried to assign your main ranged attack to RMB and Move-To to LMB?

Yes, and its almost good, except for the lack of highlighting targets and the occasional loss of fluidity between moving and attacking. Sometimes on releasing the ability I stand in place in spite of having the LMouse key pressed.

And also the loss of a secondary ability on the mouse. Its super awesome to never miss the Blood of Dregg key in fight.

And also im not sure if there is a functional difference between abilities assigned to Left or Right mouse. Firestrike says, “deals additional damage when used as your default weapon attack”. WETFTM! Someone please, tell me. Does default mean “when assigned to Left Mouse” or “when assigned to a mouse button”, or something else. If it means Left Mouse, then offloading main attack to Rightmouse and putting Move on Left Mouse is counter intuitive. The other way around is unnatural.

So there are several reasons for wanting to offload that toggle function to a preferred Key. I use a modified WSAD layout for the camera rotation and hotkeys and it’s natural to have standing attack on SHIFT. Id rather it be an attack button that behaves as i described.

It’s mean if you have firestrike, use it instead of default attack button.

Default Attack : Default attack button is normal atk with 100% weapon dmg
Firestrike : Default attack button with >100% weapon dmg + Fire dmg + every bonus in the skill line

This works the same as Cadence and Savagery too.

I recommend bound it to RMB. LMB usually for movement(or movement skills like blitz, shadow strike etc). You’ll walk to instead when the skills in LMB on cooldown

Furthermore, If you bound skills at RMB like Amarasta’s Blade Burst. You’ll do normal attack instead while it’s on cooldown. Very comfortable and easy to use

Thank you for the response but that does not quite answer the question.

LMB will also continue to use normal attack while a skill is on cooldown if you are locked on a target. (Stun Jacks for instance).

When the game begins, attack starts on LMB.
LMB also has fewer abilities that can be bound to it. No potions or buffs.

This implies LMB is the “Default Attack” button, and the phrase “deals additional damage when used as default attack” strongly implies there is an additional bonus if the ability is assigned to the default attack key(LMB) rather than a quickslot or secondary MButton(RMB)

But as far as I can tell, Firestrike deals just as much damage on LM as it does on RM and quick slot, rendering the “when used as the default attack” statement meaningless. Perhaps what is meant is “Firestrike is a modified weapon attack skill. It is a normal attack with the following bonuses applied”. But that IS NOT what it says.

But that is beside the point of the thread. The control is still wonky for casters and ranged heroes.

Fire Strike deals the same damage, regardless if it is your default attack or just used intermittently - but the latter usually makes little sense. Fire Strike is an attack replacer skill. If you replace the basic default attack (sword icon) with Fire Strike, then you deal more damage with your default attack.

The sword icon cannot mean “default attack”. It is a a basic skill and it’s name is “Weapon Attack” and it can be assigned to any key just like any ability.

But assume “default attack” does mean the skill called Weapon Attack(sword icon). Then “Replace the default attack with Firestrike to do more damage with your default attack” is a circular and nonsensical statement, because damage is no longer being done with default attack, it is being done with Firestrike.

I could equally assume “default attack” means “the one I use most often”. But then a redundancy arises…any ability used more often than weapon attack will do more damage.

The only logical assumption is that Default Attack referrers to a key slot, the Left Mouse Button. Then “using Firestrike as the default attack will do additional damage” is at least coherent but it is wrong. It will do the same damage no matter where it is assigned.

Firestrike reads “when used as your default weapon attack Firestrike deals additional damage”.
Including this statement strongly implies there is some special configuration in which Firestrike gets a bonus.
The logical implication is that it gets this bonus when assigned to the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON, but it does not.

“Default attack” simply has no set meaning in the context of the game system and mechanics and key bindings. It is used fluidly to refer to both Weapon Attack and The Skill I Use Most Often…it can’t be both, and this implies that default attack means Left Mouse Key. In all cases the description on Firestrike is either nonsense or wrong.