Controller looting idea

I’m not sure if Steam users make up the majority of Grim Dawn’s player base, but if they do, it maybe worthwhile to create an in-game action that cycles through the loot on the ground.

Steam deck users could simply bind their additional buttons for it, but regular gamepad users could perhaps come up with chord presses or modeshifts to access the bindings without changing much of the default configuration.

Thanks for considering.

You can navigate through your loot with the D-pad and skip stuff you don’t want to pick up. The range is limited, so if your loot is spread across the screen you need to walk from pile to pile, but it has been doing the job for me.

TLDR:. XInput controllers can cycle loot on the ground by pressing DPAD up/down. Steam Controller (/Deck?) Users can’t do this using the developer config, because there are no Steam “in game actions” available in the controller config tool. Below are workarounds:

Edit:. Easiest way is to use the Guide Button Chords :. Literally just hold the center Steam button while touching the right touchpad, this will give you a cursor. While still holding the guide button, pressing RT will hit the LMB binding… easy! I realized this after I figured out the following original post:

It appears that to cycle loot, you have to disable the " use steam gamepad" option in the in-game options menu.
Then, within the steam configuration tool, you can setup custom legacy bindings. You will need both DPAD UP/DOWN, and Gamepad A BUTTON bindings.

Trying to use the Steam Input’s “In-Game Action: Interact/ActionBar 1” will not pickup the highlighted item. Only the “legacy xinput A BUTTON” will correctly select it.

In conclusion, I think that there should be an in-game action added to the developers config.
I am able to get it working with this workaround, but the typical user will need to go out of their way.
Anyhow, what I did for the Steam Controller is I setup a modeshifts on right pad click, so that while clicked, it behaves as a dpad. I bound the three needed bindings there, and otherwise the developer config works as normal.

Thanks for considering adding these two steam input in game actions!

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