I’ve been playing this game now for a few weeks and really enjoy it a lot. However, the one thing I really don’t like so far - to the point I frequently swear - are the mouse based controls. This is mainly because this game is a left-click-does-everything system, which invariably results in a lot of unintended actions (“misclicks”).

Ordinarily, it’s not a big deal. But in the midst of a big fight with a boss or heroes where the entire screen is riddled with items and hostile targets, this is definitely problematic. I’ve lost count of the number of times this has just gotten in the way and interfered with gameplay.

I really wish you folks would have separated things out a bit - or worked this into key binding configurations somehow - for more precise control. Ideally, the controls would be something like WASD for movement, left click to attack or activate things, and right click to pick items off the ground.

Is this a possibility at any point?

Auto pickup of mats and components would go a LONG way towards ameliorating this.

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You can change the quality of items that is automatically displayed on your screen. You can also disable it and have a key for it.

I prefer the current approach over WASD. If you have issues, hide all items and only reveal them when you press a key, I rarely ever have problems with items on the ground.

I find Path of Exile’s approach (just talking about the basic stuff, not their super-fancy filtering configuration) to items on the ground to be perfect:

  • Shows me items that match my filter briefly when they drop and then hides them, which lets me know something interesting dropped but doesn’t clutter up the screen for too long while I’m fighting
  • Can only pick up/interact with items while I have the “show me the loot” button pressed, which completely prevents accidental clicking on items.
  • Once displayed, the item labels never move from where they’re pinned to the playing surface (though if you hide/re-show them they can have a different arrangement); it’s irritating in GD when the item labels fly around while items are dropping or rearrange themselves.

I do love the “free mouse” targeting in GD, though.