Conversion confusion

I got the following MI and wanted to build a Cold Dervish (NB+OK) around it:


The way I understood it is that as long as I have Pneumatic Burst up, any Fire Damage that I do will be converted to Cold Damage, and then gear bonuses and passives like NB’s Merciless Repertoire that add to Cold Damage applies after.

Now my questions are:

1.) OK’s Divine Mandate being a toggle buff, is its Fire Damage bonus applied before (worth it) or after (useless) the P. Burst conversion to Cold?

2.) For Vire’s Might, would the transmuter Volcanic Might (100% Physical to Fire) be useless (sans the 0.4s KD) since the sword directly convert’s VM’s 100% Physical Damage to Cold anyways?

3.) For devotions, do I focus on getting +% to Fire or +% to Cold? I’m not sure if bonuses from Devotions apply before or after the P. Burst conversion.

Thanks in advance!

When you see global conversion, that mean you converts only flat damage and not percentage. To answer your questions:

  1. Divine mandate have only flat internal trauma and not fire. To convert the damage you need physical to cold conversion.

  2. Imo if you want cold build, don’t take the transmuter. I think both are working on same level and you’ll convert physical 50-50 split to cold and fire.

  3. Devotions, focus on % cold and elemental and flat cold.

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Thanks for responding!

Sorry, I meant Divine Mandate’s +% Fire Damage - does that get applied before the flat damage conversion which would make it worth it, or not?

Damage will be scaled with converted damage type (cold) and not fire. Mandate will still give you some cold through internal trauma, also slow resistance and crit damage so might be worth it.

Btw there is guide that can help you.
🤯 malawiglenn’s guide on game mechanics for beginners

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