Conversion Mechanic question and build

Hey folks i was thinking of going a Mortar trap build, start leveling char from now and then grab inquisitor mastery when exp is out and kind of play with turrets and runes.

I have one question though, mortar trap deals mostly physical and fire dmg with some lightning. Since scaling physical damage on a kind of caster character is hard due to gear choices and investment in spirit and elemental damage i was thinking of grabbing gear that converts phys to fire or lightning.

HOWEVER when i equip those items, the toolbar still indicates the same amount of physical damage as if when i do not wear them.

Does the ‘‘physical damage conversion to fire’’ from items only work with auto attacks ? Is this a bug , or is it intended ?

Conversion work for all your skills, but not for your minions (Mortal Trap is a minion). For minions, you need minion-specific conversion (for example, IEE transmuter).

seriously thats a pet /?? even though it says that ''The trap scales with player damage bonuses ‘’

fuck i have to test this.
Any good ideas of items that convert PET phys damage bonus to fire or lightning ? there must be some rings somewhere

Nope. Mortar Trap is not a minion. The toolbar “does not” take conversion into account this is why the values do not change.

If you want to see your true damage you need to check the 2nd tab on the character sheet and hover over the skill. Unfortunately Mortar Trap does not display it’s damage output on the sheet which is why I suggested this be changed here:

It may be worthwhile noting that “many” builds ago - Mortar Trap, Blade Spirit, Wind Devil etc were all considered pets. This hasn’t been the case for a long time

now second tab of character says mortar trap dps = 0…
i do not know dude you sure thats the way it goes ? i mean convert of PLAYER damage bonuses gets the job done ?

Yes, I’m sure. I’ve tested it extensively. I have at least 5 Mortar Trap builds with skill line maxed.

On one of my lightning builds with 40% conversion phys to lightning I tested it with only Mortar Trap selected, (I purposely did not take the modifier Heavy Ordnance). As soon as I turn on Stormcaller’s Pact which gives me an extra 15% my damage output increases greatly on a skill which has “no lightning damage”. Hence conversion works on Mortar Trap as it scales with player damage bonuses.

Also I gave my Pyromancer pet build Mortar Trap and toggled Bonds of Bysmiel + Manipulation modifier. The damage stayed the same because it is not a pet.

The devs haven’t updated the character sheet since changing all the tech skills from pets which is why it displays 0.

great now as a suggestion, is it better to convert the phys to lightning or fire ? i am thinking of getting inquisitor mastery and mostly focus on fire with Rune of Kalastor and aura of censure

Most of the time it’s better to convert phys to fire. But I find Demo is more versatile when you try to balance your fire+lightning damage.