Conversion order?

If you have multiple effects converting a given damage type into two or more other types, how do you know how much will convert to what? i.e. what’s the “order of operations” to conversions?
Example 1: Mark of Ulzuin and Mythical Clairvoyant’s Hat on the same AAR character, does the lightening become vitality or fire, or does it split or get cloned or what?
Example 2: Add in Fleshwarped Tome, does any of the lightning become Aether?

Skill modifiers/transmuters come first, global conversion comes second. The lightning on Disintegration will be split between fire, vitality and aether. Fire and vitality will have the same amount because they are both 100% (if it was only these two, it would become 50% fire 50% vitality) and aether will have a smaller amount because it’s only 30% conversion.

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Norzan Thanks!

ASYLUM101 I did look there first, and while it did confirm something else I had suspected and hadn’t asked (that conversions can only happen once, even using an example that aether converted to chaos can’t be then double-converted to elemental), I didn’t see anything about what happens when multiple conflicting conversions are being applied simultaneously, such as in the above examples, hence my post.