Coop build ?

Hello guys,

Have you ever think’d about two complementary builds ?

I play only with a friend of mine and never alone. So, we follow -or not- some builds found in this forum, we experiment some, etc…

But we tried a few times to “build” around our characters and make something good and benefic for both players.

What you guys think about it ? Is that possible ? What kind of Mastery sould you take ?

Since auras of the same class don’t stack, I think players should take different classes and never take the same. (Like one Shaman/Soldier and the other Arcanist/Shaman or whatev…)

One time, we tried to build two pokedresser, and have a lot of pets. (Shaman + Occultist and Arcanist for Aura etc…)

It was awful. And boring.
Don’t do that.

So. Is there any possibility to make a build for two characters ?

Some time back Drizzto showed us how OP teamwork is.
He killed Ultimate Mogdrogen with a friend

I can’t recall what the video or thread was called

well i would combine something like this, since i have some serious coop design experience in arpgs, tho i never coopd in GD so wont be super sure about what i am talking, take it as sugesstion

1 char should be tanky frontliner most likely a soldier,

  • he has taunt which can hold mobs on line and keep other guy safe
  • his taunt reduces enemies dmg, which covers whole screen
  • his taunt also reduces enemy physical resistance i know warcry is op
  • has reliable knockdown which works against most content in game, blitz
  • has reliable stun skill which covers huge area, forcewave
  • has flat OA DA increase armor all dmg attack speed aura - field command
  • has tons of stuff to let him tank most of the dmg as frontliner, all his passives menhirs bullwark, shield training etc etc are just way too good

i would pair this guy with most broken support class in game, occultist why?

  • has all overall best curse in game to shred most enemy resistcrucial, curse of fraility
  • also CoF reduces enemy DA which means good part dps output
  • has flat OA + hp regen + healt restore aura&active skill , blood of dreeg which is broken as curse of fraility for party play imo
  • aspect of guardiang, gives good amount of phys resistance, and psn resistance makes whole party gearing easier and provides good tankiness to other guy
  • can reduce target physical damage with DEE

this is basically my frontliner setup, ofc itemization or build is diff thing, dont have time to write down tons of possiblities coming to my mind now :smiley:

lastly, pair this frontliner with a glass cannon huge mega astronomical dps output range char which yolo’d the whole dps gear and devotions, can be any but keep in mind that best performance will be a char which deals one of dmg types suits to CoF.

my 2nd advice instead of occultist can be demo + soldier, which has more buffs and debuffs which focuses on black water coctail to debuff enemy to ground, and buff range guy dmg with mines and bwc agognizing flames, fumbling enemy with flashbangs, buffing with flame touched and such…
other range guy should focus mainly fire light dmg oriented this time…

pretty messy post from me, but i hope this helps.

Got it

This should help. Credits to the original poster of thread: Drizzto

Check this thread:
Some outdated, but still userful.

There isn’t much difference, really. I build pretty much the same in both single and coop. I would pay more attention to survivability in coop because of increased damage and that’s all.

Having shaman’s aura certainly helps, but not picking a shaman because your mate already did it is bullshit. Think about your character’s consistency above any coop benefit. Avoid making specialists like supertank with really low DPS or supersupport with really low DPS, they are not consistent on their own and therefore not very fun to play. The only kind of specialization that works really well in GD is making one player focus more on single target damage and the other one on AOE. Also it’s good if your characters don’t have colliding gear interests so you could win from sharing epic/legendaries dropped with each other.

Can’t comment on dual summoner because passive summoners are just not my cup of tea, even playing one in SP is damn boring.