[Cornucopia] Release the...github?

Cornucopia is growing into one hell of a monster.

As we approach the release of v0.3.2 for the project, a thought occurred to me: adoomgod and I don’t have nearly as many eyes as we would like to keep track of everything and find spots of imbalance. Two instances of this are pretty evident in recent releases: for me, I made Ulzuin’s Chosen a stupidly powerful AoE damage-aura. adoomgod made Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange a titan of offensive power. Both problems have been corrected, but with more people looking at things, neither problem may have made it through to a release version to begin with.

In light of that, and having discussed this a solid NOT AT ALL with adoomgod, I’ve decided to go public with the github repository!

Github Repo: https://github.com/ssauvageau-/ProjectCornucopia
Github.io Page: http://ssauvageau-.github.io/ProjectCornucopia/Fork at will! Watch us blunder about with malformed commits! Spoil yourself on unreleased updates (good luck deciphering all the gibberish without our changelog; not included on github). If you’re really so inclined, make a suggestion with regards to an update we make on github in one of two ways:

  1. Drop us a line in the official Project Cornucopia development thread.
  2. Submit a pull request! I can’t guarantee we’ll accept it verbatim, but this will at least give us a means to look where we need to be looking and decide upon a fair action to take.

Again, the goal here is to give you guys, the community, the power to act as overseers for changes we make. We’re not yet at the point where we want pull requests coming in for tweaks to content that we haven’t touched; such suggestions would best be made in the existing Cornucopia threads here on the forums.

Alternatively, for those interested in merging our mod with yours, consider this an easier+quicker means to do so than needing to wait for a major release from us.

I’m fine with this. All I care about is making Cornucopia the best.