Corruption of Gargabol could use a buff

Pretty much the title. The weapon is designed (?) or thought to be a caster weapon but actually, scepters and M. Fang of Cthton overweight it greatly. I’ve seen so far only 1 working build with Corruption and it was Vitality FS defiler (AA build).
So it would be fair to add ~14% as to it and/or increase slightly base number of attacks per second (to 1.7) and/or add 100% phys->vit conversion to Flame Touched.


It should be reworked as full ranged weapon. Vitality have so many options for caster playstyle and not much going on ranged. Furthermore the best way to use Demo as vitality caster is Blightlord set, which have melee weapon, so Gargabol gun can’t be used.


Pretty much this. Weapon is just demo version for Blightlord set and it’s really not easy to farm. And I can’t even imagine someone farming TWO of those for a ranged Vitality Defiler of all builds.

Right now it looks like a caster gun but it loses to all caster scepters/daggers, blocks Blightlord dagger and requires Cunning as well (not ideal for a caster).

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Agree. Ever since the introduction of blightlord set, gargabol’s pistol has an identity crisis.

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Blightlord should have had a chest armor instead of a dagger in my opinion.

I did, then when gears up I realized its a trash build lol.
I prefer some - vit RR on Demolitionist skills, and some attack speed, or even an attack modifier (like chaos aether or pierce have).

I agree the item is overdue for another pass. It has not aged well and honestly it’s not in a good spot.

We’ll see if we can give it another look for v1.1.7.0.


If reworking it, please take a look at the Epic version too. It is probably the worst epic MI from rogue-likes compared to legendary version as it has small conversion (instead of 45%, say), and no skill bonuses.

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