Could Glass be re-used by Preservists?

Would it be possible to make glass re-usable by the Preservists? Maybe with a lower percentage of glass re-entering inventory once the preserves have been eaten to account for breakage and keep production of new glass necessary for continuing the game.

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I just thought of a solution. What if when preserves are made, they inherit the durability of the glass used? Should be able to code that up in 30 seconds and it will be far more logical than the current implementation.

I agree. I don’t even mess with preserves anymore— do to inability to source sand and the fact that empty glass is used as a luxury item for houses.

Now— if preserves/pickles/jams were a luxury item instead of just another food source that would change things for me. But as it currently sits— wasting glass/sand on preserves just isn’t worth it. When there are more valuable uses for it (just making glass to stock houses with luxury goods and using sand to increase soil quality and crop yields in fields) or making medicine

And every map I’ve played so far— sand is in very short supply