Could need some help reaching these devotions, can't solve the puzzle in grimtools (not sure if even possible)

I need tree of life and ishtak, mandatory.
Night talon and huntress is mandatory.

Fox wanted but NOT mandatory.
Ulo wanted, but NOT mandatory.
Harvestman Schythe wanted but NOT mandatory.
Shieldmaiden wanted, but NOT mandatory.

Mogdrogen’s wolf would be amazing for my build. But the opportunity cost in getting it, is simply too costly I think. So I can sacrifice it. In addition to tree of life, ishtak, talon and huntress - I need EITHER behemoth, mogdrogen or korvaak.

The closest I’ve gotten IIRC was 3 points short of korvaak. Only 1 point into behemoth. Mogdrogen is a lost cause I think. The requirements for getting it fucks everything up badly.

Anyone up for this puzzle? :slight_smile:
I’m not sure if it’s even possible.

Check this. The only thing that is impossible is Mogdrogen the Wolf, completely different affinity requirements. You can get also shieldmaiden by not getting 1 or 2 optional node of tree of life.

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You missed " I need EITHER behemoth, mogdrogen or korvaak.

[edit] Behemoth should be doable?

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Oh, Behemoth could be possible but others are pretty unreachable.

Yes :slight_smile: But thanks for trying. Like I said not sure if possible. If I remember right I did manage to also get korvaak, but at the expense of something else gaah.

I tried Korvaak but it’s impossible

Thanks for trying at least. Hmmm. Maybe behemoth then. If not I’ll just settle for being happy I atleast got tree, ishtak and huntress.

Here’s some Behemot
You have still a lot of room to work with if you’d like some other minor constellations

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You can’t even get Mogdrogen if you give up Ishtak. But here Behemoth, Ishtak, Tree of Life, Shieldmaiden, Ulo and Huntress

edit: I missed that eel allows to get all nodes of Tree of Life here


It seems to me you need to reveal more about your build to get something solid, I’m assuming this is something with pets. If you already have tree then likely behemoth is a waste, unless your class is like the worst of healers, defiler maybe, but even then staff of rattosh is likely better choice.

Thanks ford! :slight_smile: Much appreciated.