Could we buff Azrakaa's Epoch alittle?

This is a mythical relic with a really nice thematic proc that is practically useless in actual application.

Without + skills it is easily outclassed by basically any other relic in the game for any builds related to it, which is a shame since when paired with the sand maiden devotion it works so well thematically but the damage on these tornados are just non-existent for the defensive aspects that you have to sacrifice for it (looking at you serenity). So why not add alittle RR on those tornados so they can actually help out abit more? just like -5% to phyiscal, bleed, pierce. Not much but makes a difference, and still lower than deathstalker so give people choices on which one they might use.

+1. John Smith tested it the other day on Bleeding Trickster and it’s worse then Massacre. Damage is surprisingly close, but much less consistency (due to lack of the +skills, adtch and weapon damage proc).

I recommend making it fully offensive, so if I am sacrificing a lot of defenses and QoL by not taking relevant relic with +skills, at least I know I am getting feasibly more damage out of it. Because if it performs the same as other relevant +skills relics damage wise, there is 0 reason to take it.

I use that relic on my pierce tactician, and this is a BiS for my build

However i like idea about a little strengthen the proc itself, maybe adding some -rr%, or some impaired aim (like it is on wind devil)

Azraaka epoch looks like good relic,but is hard to compete against +skills ones.For some builds I will take even Serenity/Ardor over it.Agree with Mad Lee,that Epoch should be fully offensive.

I was gonna make a relic thread later but I might as well mention here that I concur 100%. It’s weaksauce for a non-+skills relic.

If Zantai wants to get creative it could have its own unique set of powerful completion bonuses. An RNG crafting relic. But relics are a pain to craft so I rather just see its base stats improved significantly.

I tried that and its really weak. The stats are nice but the proc contribute to no damage. No way I am sacrificing my plus skills for this.

I see that this an offensive relic is for physical or pierce build. On physical, it’s a hard competition as we have doom and honor. As azrakaa don’t have plus skills, it need to be even better than this two relics.

On pierce though, azrakaa only have competition with plus skills relics. Oh well, pierce doesn’t have that much options on relic anyway.

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It was created incredibly conservatively in terms of damage. I mean look at Eldritch pact, ignaffar’s combustion, nadallela’s outbreak, all have + skills and the proc is even better than 5 tornado combined (not to mention damage + rr on ignaffar’s combustion…).

I’d imagine this relic could be an offensive alternative to serenity for physical EOR build, since you crit so often you always get 5 tornado up, but it doesn’t do its job for how squishy you become with the relic. There is no trade off currently, even doom is better.