Could you help me optimize my devotions?

Hello, I came back to the game after long pause. Last time I played it was still only the base game.
I have made Callidor’s Tempest spellbinder that is using 2H fleshwarped core weapon. At the end I would like to convert the fire damage to aether, but who knows if those items will drop.
I am now ready to start ultimate so I am trying to optimaze devotions and mastery bars.
Well and with the DLC’s there came lot of new devotions. I tried to pick up hte logical one with Aether damage. But I feel like theres much more room for synergy.

Could anyone look at my char and tell me what devotions are good and point out the bad ones I have?

Thank you

Read the guides and tutorial section

I have read your guide to devotions, but it felt not helpful for my build. In the spam casters you have no addition for casters with 2H weapons. In the aether section you have Dying God which gives chaos damage + Offensive ability, that did not make sense to me for aether dmg build. Manticore is acid/poison only and it feels weird to me waste 6 points for resist reduction.
It is good guide don’t get me wrong, but it did not help me much to plan the devotions for my build.

Perhaps my explanation was too muddled so I will try again,

  1. Casters with 2H is more or less the same as other spam casters. The change to kraken was a very recent one, and I shall add that in.

In essence, you just need casting speed.

  1. Dying god is amazing because it offers spirit (i.e. more magic damage and energy), fat loads of OA/DA, chaos resistance, and 10% total speed + 40% crit damage.

It also makes it VERY convenient to get SoTH which is the best aether constellation. There is no reason to not get DG. In fact, it would be foolish not to.

  1. Inexperienced players often overlook RR. I can’t emphasize how vitally important this is.

You are overlooking the fact that for 6 devotion points, you may very well increase your DPS by a HUGE margin.

If you don’t want manticore, use an item which gives you enough flat RR.

And if you don’t want to do that either, well. More power to you.

you mean +35% crit dmg ?

This has been nerfed recently ?

Yes. Just checked. Ah well. :confused: