Could you suggest me a build? Summoner-Nightblade?

I have been playing GD since around build 15 or so but now that Elite and Ultimate are finally out I am somewhat at a loss.

I’ve been trying to create a build that can scale properly to Elite and Ultimate and so far I’ve been finding it especially difficult[li].[/li]
Perhaps the main problem is that all this time I played a glass cannon Nightblade build and this simply doesn’t hold up with even Elite’s harder mobs.

I’ve also wanted to try a good summoner build but I ended up with one where the summons were pretty strong but the character himself pathetically weak.

Now, to give you an idea of how I ended up doing things, I chose either Nightblade or Occultist as the main class and complemented both with Arcanist since I went for Cold/Frostbite and Chaos damage respectively.

Either build was decent with perhaps the Warlock easier to play but I ended leaving the heavy lifting to the summons and I only assisted from afar whereas I prefer a more hands-on melee approach.

When I tried to create a Witch Hunter I couldn’t for the life of me strike any kind of a balance.

Any input on where I went wrong is very much welcome!

[li]Clarification, I haven’t myself finished the campaign but instead have (legitimately) built up a level 40 HC blank and also downloaded one of the pre-made level 75 SC blanks and have been experimenting with them two.[/li]
As a result, I have pretty decent epics up to level 46 IIRC but nothing above that so I’ve been trying to somewhat gauge them within these confines.
I do realize that I can’t properly test a level 75 character using level 35 equipment but it shouldn’t be as squishy as it turns out.