Couldn't initialize graphics engine....... - outraged!!!!

What the fuck is this problem??? First i was playing this awesome game and reached lvl 25 of my character. Then a corruption in my Windows 7 erupted & had to format the pc, hoping that it will be plain sailing. Installed everything and all updates as before. Now it is telling me ‘COULDN’T INITIALISE GRAPHICS ENGINE’. WHAT THE FUCK??? I’m totally pissed off. Was viewing Grim Dawn’s official site as well and saw that other people have this problem, lots of people and apparentely found no solution. Is anyone here capable of a miracle???

I think there are plenty who can help you, if you don’t let your temper be reflected in your words.


I just came here to post this.

If on steam, check the common_redist or similar folder in the GD install location and run each of those.

I was doing the single player. Wasn’t connected on Steam

Yes but is it a steam game? It doesn’t matter if steam is offline.

I’m not understanding. Steam or not, this game was working before i formatted the pc. That’s my lament. I don’t know what changed from then till now. It’s totally stupid

So obviously it’s not the game’s fault, because it was working before you rebuilt your pc. Don’t get pissed at the wrong people.

The first step is to reinstall DirectX and VC++ Redistributables.

I’m pissed at no one at the forum here. I’m pissed just because one time i was playing it, now i can’t. I’m pissed at no one here rest assured. I’m humbling for help mate :confused:

I reinstalled DirectX and have the following C++ installed - 2010, 2012,2013,2015. Do i have something missing???