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hi guys, i’m new in here. So need help for any tips to dealing with Iron Maiden and Fabius(Ultimate) as a pyromancer rifle(Hellborne) build :cry: .They hit like damn trucks :furious:
sorry for late reply: my gears

yeah followed jajaja’s guide so skills and devotions familiar like him’s-Ingenuity for -15% Physique Requirement For Armor(Mask of Infernal Truth from 829 to ~720 physique and btw i’m an idiot, put most of points to cunnings) , +8% Chance to Avoid Melee Attacks, Maximum Bleeding Resistance and Increases Health Regeneration for 25% Reduced Stun Duration
Most Of The Time 1 shot is REAL, i think they hit with crit
PS: Mad Queen(Squishy) = easy for me, lure her near the exit then she’ll retreat, quickly put 2 Morta traps and Thermite mine(Ulzuin’s Torch) block her way then repeat ultil dead :o

Simple, try to farm other areas, play crucible multiplayer (if you have the dlc) & generally just farm, before trying to kill the second hardest boss in the game :slight_smile:

Otherwise try to form a group (again multiplayer) & farm him that way, it is much easier.

I feel Fabius got a huge nerf from previously in dunno why but he’s a complete pushover now… get some lifesteal and fight him with overcapped max pierce resist.

Just make sure to stop hitting him when he has bladebarrier on lol…

Post your build. Or try to follow this one

This is jajaja’s hellborne build and it can do very well with minimal kiting against heavy bursters like Shar’zul or Fabius.

Video example here of Fabius.

Just use Blast shield. Flashbang Searing light for Fumble at lvl 7 (owrks on bosses and Nemesis) with + skills and life steal. Rest is in the build.

@kb27787: Haven’t felt the nerf much. Yesterday he Crit me with 14K damage on a tank character that normally can drink coffee while killing him. Was very surprised, and he didn’t have any special weapons, just a very lucky Execute. He wasn’t too nerfed really.

Fabius wrecks my duel wields pyromancer too. I’m assuming gear has to be near perfect.

cap your bleed resists and maybe pierce, get lots of reduced stun duration when facing iron maiden, and life steal/regen is very important as well.

Almost seems like it’s not enough. Seems like I need a ton of physical resist as well.

Seriously try that build. And don’t undestimate Fumble from Searing light and Blast Shield + life steal. They are amazing. You have Phys resist from Aspect of the Guardian.

His skills are much less dependant on weapon damage now (this applies to Iron Maiden too), making his damage more predictable. That was the main issue Fabius had, sometimes he would deal next to no damage and suddenly, poof, half of my hp gone in a blink of an eye. He was nerfed along with Iron Maiden in hotfix 1 or 2, either one of them.

Like others said, cap pierce, cold and bleed resist. These are Fabius’s three main damage types.

I have 20% life steal. Blast shield has a massive downtime and often procs when you don’t NEED it.

Could try putting a couple of more points into aspect but not sure where to take them from.

Just swapped out my shoulders. Still getting wrecked by Fabius. I do have a hellborn so I’m very tempted to switch over to 2h.

I know that I could use a better relic and more oa. I do have 20% life leech. Sadly only 5% physical resist and 8% when blood of the dreeg is up.

Here is my gear.

Here is my skills and stats with blood of the dreeg up.

I feel that Iron Maiden is no harder than Mad Queen. Fabius should be couple with her.

I was expecting to see a forum about Brad and Angelina.

Disappointment ensued…


Mad Queen is harder for me because i have no choice but to kite her to avoid the shotgun retaliation effect, and rely on burn to counter her heal. Iron Maiden is tankable with enough bleed/stun resist and HP.

BWC + transmuter will help a lot with that.

btw any pros pyromancer can clear crucible gladiator yet ? :eek: just wonder why because it’s hard to search at youtube

Ok a few things. First of all skills. You are not a lightining build so static strike won’t do much for you. Get aspect of the guardian to 12/12. Blood of dreeg You can keep at 16/16.temper you don’t need at 12/12. Put 1 skill and let + skills do the rest. Blast shield is just lvl 5 with + skill, that is bad. It should be lvl 12 with + skills. You will notice the difference immediately. Posession keep at 12/12 it’s optimal.

Equippment. replace Boots with Golemborn as soon as you can. More armor, phys resist and that proc will get your total armor rating to 1500. Very good. Your boods are paper thin. They are only good for a build running around totems:). Get Shadowflame Mantle even if dual guns, if you have it. Try to get mask of Infernal truth. Ulzuin’s Toment Belt. Ih switch to 2h get Harbinger’s grasp gloves ans Sigil of Ch’ton medal.

Devotions. If you go 2h follow the link I posted with Jajaja’s build. As you can see it works and wrecks fabius in approx 40 seconds. Use the dovotions from that build.

If you don’t go 2h I’d drop Magi. It’s too cumbersome for a gunslinger. you need to proc lots of fissures and your enemy needs to stand on them for you to benefit from the damage. Currently you are kiting a lot.

If dual gun i’d do this skills and devos included.

Falcon swoop on main attack to shutgun your enemies in the face up close. You can use Falconswoop with the 2h version too. Just change devotions a bit in Jajaja’s devotoin map.