Couple questions: Barrels, Spoilage, Storage, Iron (ingots)

First things first:
Is there an exhausting list of all items (raw, consumable, produced, usable, luxury etc.) that can

  • spoil / decay (in storage)
  • wear and tear (when worn)
    and has the time/timers listed as well.
    An in-game list/index/almanach would be fantastic.

The goal:
Overall I want to reduce iron consumption as much as possible.
Mostly for barrels and tools, possibly other items that need replacing on a regular base.
That said, if we could allow or ban the application of barrels on a per warehouse base,
this would be ideal.

Now for the questions:

Barrels in storage buildings.
Can these be toggled on a per warehouse base?
(I don’t think unchecking the barrel item on the list of stored goods does this.)
I have a warehouse inside a remote walled & defended outpost, which only has to store iron ingots which are produced locally, then shipped to town.
From what I see in game, iron ingots can only be stored inside a warehouse.
And also the producing and consuming buildings (e.g. smelter, blacksmith)
Do Vaults allow to store iron ingots as well as gold ingots?
Stockyards do not which is pretty odd.

Leather coats:
Are these for keeping citizens warm during cold periods or for a basic protection in fights as well?
(follow-up question then would be, how much damage is being reduced).
Since all citizens need shoes, I would drop these in favor of shoes first then.

Simply put, they seem to get used a lot and I can’t keep up with making new ones.
Are these super important?
I believe education adds a +20 (or +25%?) buff for all production and so does the usage of tools.
Would this effect only production and task completion speed?

Would like to know if using no barrels for spoil reduction and no tools and leather coats for citizens makes a huge difference if extra food can be (over)provided and extra laborers supplied for the general workforce.
Leather coats would like to know what they’re good for exactly.

Thanks =)
(edit: no idea what makes some text appear bold and large font, formatting is not my strong suit, sorry!)

it would be nice.

Yeah a lot of players over look that having lots of unused storage still uses barrels.
So you need to crank out more barrels which are not being used but are wearing out.
I only have storage that is used. If I have a bunch of storage buildings that are at 50%
then I delete a storage building which forces the items to be re inventoried through the
remaining buildings. (less buildings needing repair is a good thing also)

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