Cow/Barn Not Producing Milk

I have found an issue after one year of building barns and having cows in them they stop producing milk the following years. Milk production says 100% but they produce no milk (I check the food graphs to make sure every year). I have the cows completely healthy and stocked up with plenty of grain and vegtables. I have two workers assigned at all times. Am I doing something wrong or is this just a bug with the workers not milking?

you tried to use button to stop and start milking already? I had issue where it stopped milking but status was not updated correctly. Stop & start milking did solved it for me

I did try it and no luck. I also tried disabling and renabling the buildings but still not milk.

Do you have a fence around your barn?
If so, make a hole,and they should start working again.

Sure enough this fixed the issue. Thanks for the tip!

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I had the same issue. This tip helped, thanks!.

I had a gate but the cows didn’t use it.

In the picture, they grazed in the right area (the fields where not there originally). After I destroyed the wall in the red circle, the cows started to walk out through the gates in the yellow and green circle. The cows that used the yellow gate went straight to the new position of the barn. Unfortunately the green gate led to another enclosed field and the cows stopped in the middle of the green gate. So I had to destroy another wall (orange circle). Finally all cows could walk.

Confirmed. As soon as I built walls with a gate around my barns they stopped milking and stopped slaughtering the excess herd size. As soon as I destroyed the gate it was fixed. Also explains why my food stocks and other items crashed in quantity.

Confirmed as well … What is really strange is that for the first cow I bought, the gate was not blocking it to enter the field. But as soon as I bought more cows, they wouldn’t go to the field unless I removed the gate. Really weird !

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