Cows not producing milk - Build 9300608

I’ve noticed Cows have not been producing milk

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Have you put a fence around your grazing area? If so then make a gap in the fence, see if that fixes it.

Worked thanks :slight_smile:

Since yesterday none off my barn giving milk anymore, I have tryed milking yes and milking no some off my barns have fence around the grazing other don’t and also seems that for some off them Im’ not able to slaughter cows anymore.

Is your barn and grazing separated by a fence or wall (even with a door inside)?

If so… you need to move your barn and grazing area to the same site of the fence/wall. Otherwise the cows don’t move in for winter.
And for realism sakes you can only milk and slaughter cows which are in the barn :slightly_smiling_face:

let me show you:
This one with a fence not producing milk

This one no fences not producing milk:

This one no fence eather not producing milk

okay first one is currently not supposed to produce milk.

:one:I had a “bug” where the Milking Button label was wrong. I clicked it … it staid on “Disable Milking” so i guess it was deactivated before, but the label was wrong.Maybe you can try this for 2 and 3.
→ Click it a view times, until it shows “Disable Milking” again

:two:Also try to manually stop grazing with the button in the left corner of “Set Grazing” and see, if the cows move in. If not, there seem to be something else wrong. Maybe try to move the barn again.

:three: Keep an eye on the workers in your barn. Do they have time to milk? Or do they need to walk long ways from their homes or/and to get food in the winter. This sometimes also stopped them from milking in my games. Also try to set Workers to 0 and to 2 again.

This are the only tips i can give from my experience.

  1. They are all at milking Yes and disable milking what do you mean the first one niot suppose to produce milk?
  2. already tryed several time to reset the grazing the cow move to the grazing area so this should be fine
  3. It worked before and I have 2 workers for each barns so don’t think it’s related and it should not happen at all 3 banrs if it was a worker issue.

Check all your fenced areas (also the ones with walls) if there is a cow stuck. I found out after hours, that some cows took a route back to barn through a walled area and then the cows were stuck there caused by their AI bug. In my last run only 2 of 16 cows were stuck there.

After removing a wall the stuck cows were released and then milking and slaughtering worked again.

Thanks man, I can confirm I removed my wall entirely and the cow as gone back to the barn I can slaugther and milk again.

When you move or build a new barn, the button for “Enable Milking” sometimes says “Disable Milking”. The status above shows as “Not milking”. You have to click it a few times to cycle it to show “Enable Milking”, click it, and then you can get it to actually milk.

That was not it the status was Milking yes, the Issue was a a cow block by a wall as Duncyo said

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