Crafting boots

Hi all

Sorry for the noob question but I want to try to craft double rare affixes boots like the ones I see in most builds. I
have a few thousand scraps already and iron. My doubt is if I should use “Enchanted Heavy Boots” or “Stoneplate Greaves” in the blacksmith?

Also, does it matther in which blacksmith I do it?

Thanks for your help


Stoneplate greaves are the boots of choice. As for the blacksmith, they all have different completion bonuses, but I prefer the Black Legion blacksmith because of Aether or Chaos res.

Angrim FTW, IMO

This will help:

Angrim has the most universally applicable bonuses (% armor and to a lesser extent % physique)

Steelcap is mildly useful for % reduced stun duration, however the changes to crucible buffs have reduced value here

Not generally advised but you -can- use malmouth outskirts smith on boots rolling for % crit damage.

Is there an optimal spot to farm for the stoneplate blueprint, or is it purely luck of the RNG roll?

Purely RNG. Run the roguelikes to get the most bps/hour.