Crafting Component Auto-Pickup

This idea may be frowned upon, but my reasoning is as follows:

Who in their right mind passes up a crafting component that is on the ground? With the movement of development shifting towards a requirement for many lower-level components to craft necessary items (dynamite for example), even the most common of components are essentially ‘must pick up’ items.

To me, the idea is on-par with the decision some time ago to auto pickup iron. Components are a common drop, often more common than iron - and everyone is seemingly forced to collect each and every one that is dropped.

I’m open to the inclusion of this feature only on advanced (elite/ultimate) difficulties if that will ease the minds of those who may oppose the idea for all players, regardless of time played or experience.

What do you think?

I’m all for it


How about everything can have auto-loot, but then we have options to which items it affects in the settings menu. Then all preferences and needs will be met. :slight_smile:

Obviously I support this, but I figure some may object to automating item pickup as a whole. I guess you could say I’m starting small with something that I hope will be received well by the devs and players.