Crafting help for a noob

Hi everyone! I just started playing Grim Dawn a few days ago, and I was wondering how crafting works? Specifically how do I make it so Duncan can craft me higher level guns?

You need to get blueprints, that’s how you unlock new items. They can be dropped by enemies and some of them can be bought from a faction vendor.

If you craft a magical “yellow” item, the blacksmiths will provide you with an item according to you level - more or less. Please note the level requirement you see might differ from the hidden item level. The latter determines when items appear in the game.

But when you level up you will eventually get items with affixes, which have higher level requirements. This is what you then see in the tooltip.

Apart from that you will find blueprints - drops, quest rewards and on quartermasters - which will enable you to craft specific items - as opposed to the above described “gamble” crafting.

Yeah I’m in act 1 lvl 25
and it felt like I was getting under lvl’d stuff from gambling so I thought I’d ask if I should be doing something else instead of wasting my scrap.