Crate of Entertainment question

What, exactly, am I missing with this fight?

I’m kiting the boss away from his spawns enough to pop all my skills to apply as many DoT’s as possible (Blood Knight DK) and use the medal utility skill to get away from him. Only thing is, I almost always get stunned at the end of the leap animation and ONE meteor from his Apocalypse usually hits before I can recover taking me down from 26.5k hp (23k with reduced hp debuff) to 3-5k hp. I have 3.1k self-buffed DA (3.3k with procs), 55% overcapped fire res with pots, 25% Phys res (43% with Ghoulish Hunger) and according to Grimtools his Apocalypse meteors do 1,886 Fire/Physical. There should be no fucking way I get almost one shot getting hit ONCE and it does that damage everytime I get hit by one. Last time it happened, there were no crate spawns in attack range so it’s definitely not them doing all that damage to me.

And I’ve tried with 3 other toons and it’s the same with them too. Do damage, utility away from Apocalypse but get stunned, get hit once and the less tanky pet Cabalist and Elemental Deceiver (both of which kill Lokarr with ease) die in 1 hit. My Avenger Warder (22k hp) and Blood DK can survive one hit but any follow up damage usually kills them.

How the ruddy fuck do you kill this boss?

I have only killed him with pet builds, so strategy will obviously be different.

Basically what I do is:

Lure him out
Wait for him to cast meteor shower
teleport back to the starting area (where the northwest bridge would be)
fight him there a bit
Once you see crates spawning, run and teleport your way into the main prison area
fight him a bit there and when crates appear run up the stairs
move back inch by inch so that both he and the crates follow you
then you come back down through the stairs on the other end
Rinse and repeat the stair thing until he is dead

Or use a character with either very small amounts of AoE or none at all.

If you prefer to suicide, though, play retaliation DE.
Spoiler on what is going to happen: even if you have enough defense to survive the damage, you’ll end up fighting about 50 crates in about 10 - 15 seconds. I don’t have to tell you that at this point even if one box hit you 200 damage per hit, you’d not survive at all. :smiley:

I actually didn’t bother to kill him yet, just checked him once how it all works.

His disengage is petrifying you, his Apoclypse Meteor is stunning you. If you don’t want to get locked into both, look at upping your resistance to both.

As for why the Apocalypse Meteor does so much damage. You need to take his base damage and add his % damage from his passives and cunning bonus to it (just as you do to calculate player damage). For a Level 112 Crate, that gets me at 13084 Physical/Fire damage you are being hit with before any defenses you have apply, more when he enrages at half health. The Fire will get reduced by quite a bit because of the 80% capped resistance and hopefully other defensive layers like reduced target’s damage but the Physical is really dangerous with low Physical resistance and Armour.

Now here’s the kicker - his disengage lowers your DA by 450 and he has 30% crit damage at base - any crits from him will do between 40% and 80% more damage.

Also having issues with this boss. According to GT the pets he summons has a limit of 4 and live for 60 sec, does this also apply to the split version when you kill one? Because after kiting around for minute and half it was definitely more than 4 chasing me around.

If you try to solo it, then ignore my message since I haven’t done it myself.

But in Multiplayer, if there are 4 (preferably ranged) huge DPS characters, it’s easier to just rush B n the big box boss.

1 guy lures out it so it comes at start zone and then all 4 have tiny little, but just enough time to kill him (4 million hp, similar to Lokarr), while the boxes are coming. Yes, he spawns some too but that’s why I recommend ranged and use Aether Crystals for extra protection (it’s almost a must).

I also think pet builds have huge advantage since they can be used as meat shields.

I have found another successful run youtube.

It is pretty much a DPS race, and aligning with my own experience heavy DoTs seems to be the way to go for non-pet players.

This guy just went in full aoe and killed him in 3 minutes.