Crateentertainment link not working always redirect me to a page

So annoying

Not sure what link you are referring to.

If you want the Grim Dawn forum then just click on Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods and there you are.

How do i download Grim internals ? i got the link [Tool] Grim Internals but everytime i click download it redirect me to that page clicking forgotten gods doesn’t help it just bring me a recent forum post

That’s because the old forum no longer exists. It’s here now with all the same info as before.

I searched the forum for “grim internals 784” and got this [Tool] Grim Internals

This is annoying… all link are dead so you need to do a manual keyword search in this new forum… i found Grim internal and was able to download it, just read, they put the link somewhere else. temporary like the FAQ questions or something…

Right now im looking for the Rainbow Filter mod and Grim Dawn Item Assistant, cant find them on this forum…

Search on this forum works pretty damned good.

I’m assuming you meant…

didnt see that little ‘‘Rainbow’’ in the subtext… thanks…
i guess i should’ve read ! lol…

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No worries. After using it for a bit you will begin to appreciate just how much better the forum search is compared to what we used to have. I don’t know what Discourse gotz in their search function but this shit is Google-good.

I have a similar issue. How can i see this link?


To help you we need to link you click on, not the one you are being taken through.

I’n not super computer literate. Will this help?

Hi. The OP of that link has PM me directly and i have the correct new link. Thanks
here it is

Splendid - maybe ask him, if they can update the link in their(?) YT video.

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