Creatures of Middle Earth trapped in Cairn!

How many of these beasts have you noticed in GD, coming from the pages of J.R.R Tolkien’s books straight into the realm of Cairn?

Off the top of my head I can remember two:

  1. Gollus the DeepDweller
  2. Ungoliax (spider)

Are there any more?


Yes. The all seeing eye.


Here’s another couple spiders:

Shalleb, the Darkness (aka Shelob)

Shalloth (same thing, a cousin of Shelob)

Not just Middle Earth. Someone posted a while back that a lot of the monster names come from Brian Sanderson’s novels - Mistborn for example. Not sure how true it is since I didn’t like his books.

I doubt that this is a deliberate reference to Brian Sanderson (whose novels I like BTW…). Sanderson’s “Mistborn” are humans gifted with certain very rare “magical” talents. They are very special. So, the “Mistborn” in these novels are something completely different from the hordes of trolls we encounter in GD. Probably simply coincidence.

BTW, the name “Mistborn” can also be explained with GD lore. No one knows exactly, how trolls came into being (just ask Elsa…). So their origin is shrouded in mists… Or it’s simply the name of a certain tribe of trolls.

Here’s another one:

Ballog’Nath, the Hellfire - (aka Balrog, Fiery demon)