Crit damage, Magi vs Ashtok and Rougelike vs Shattered Realms

Hello, just some random questions I had while playing:

Crit Damage
If I were to perform an attack that’s 100% fire, Is there any difference between say +50% Elemental Damage and +50% crit damage?

Magi vs Ashtok
If you were running a Elemental WPS Mage Hunter using IEE and had to choose between the Magi and Ashtok constellations, which would you choose?

Rougelike vs Shattered Realms
Is there any reason to still run the Challenge/Rouge-Like dungeons after unlocking shattered realms?

%50 crit damage if it is global, it means that every attack you have againts each enemy has a chance to hit 1,5X depending on the difference between your Offensive Ability and enemy’s Defensive Ability.
If it’s for only one skill or wps then that skill has the same chance depending the OA-DA difference.
Though it doesn’t mean every crit hit you achieve worth 1,5x your normal hit with that skill. Even with 0 crit chance you can still hit crit damage with enough OA. I’m not good at mats so I let someone else to explain that calculation to you.
%X Damage multiplier means that it increases that damage attacks, just that simple. If your main damage is elemental then you should get as much as %Elemental Damage bonus to hit more.

You mean Ishtak? Magi and Ishtak are not relevant constellations and to decide which one is more important we need to see your build. But Magi is a Fire damage constellation, doesn’t provide full elemental so you might check the Blind Sage for that matter. Ishtak is a defensive constellation so whether you need it or not depends on the other defensive stats you have and the other constellations you had to take because there is only so much point you can spend and you can’t take every constellation.

Farming mats. Farming specific Monster Infrequent Item in that dungeon. More safer farming. And If you take all greens to sell, including totems and other hero monsters you can farm much more iron bits and maybe even equal legendary items by doing area farm. But SR drops provides more MI’s based rng. So you can get what you need by luck if you have enough runs and also other items and bits ofc.

I’m assuming he meant Amatok/Blizzard when he said “Ashtok”.

Roguelikes still have unique Legendaries to them, many of which see a lot of use. Magi rings are probably some of the most important. They’re going to be better for target-farming a specific MI as well compared to SR that offers a variety.

In terms of farming random Legendaries, it boils down to preference on which you prefer more, roguelikes with Totems and Nemeses added in get a decent amount per run, probably not as much as SR if completed quickly but it’s not bad.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry, I meant Amatok/Blizzard vs Magi/Fissure. My build is quite meme-y compared to the more polished builds on here,, but i’m having a lot of fun playing it so far. The screen lights up with random elemental effects.

May need to change up my devotions in ultimate but going to see how far I can take this. The goal is to eventually have Beronath’s fury and wanted to assign either Blizzard or Fissure to it to keep the theme going. Couldn’t decide between the two because Magi gets me flat fire damage and speed while Amatok’s celestial power has % weapon damage so I think it can leverage IEE more.

Minor correction. It’s (0.5 + c) times your normal damage where c is 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, or 1.5 depending on the difference between your OA and enemy DA.

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I’ll try to answer with my limited knowledge, if a theorycrafter or a mechanic expert sees something wrong in what I’m about to say, feel free to correct me.

Crit Damage :

as a rule of thumb, crit damage is more valuable than X% “Any damage type” Damage. That is because you’ll get a lot of X% “Any damage type” Damage from your gear, so +50% Damage is not that much of an upgrade when you already +2000% Damage, which is kinda the norm in the endgame.

Of course, it also highly depend on your Offensive Ability number. 2800 OA is roughly the minimum goal for engame build, but for crit to really shine, you should aim more toward 3100, and if you build does rely on crits, 3300 is much better. But it all depends on the build.

So in essence, you can’t really compare stats in a vacuum, that’s what makes creating build so complex and freanking interesting.

But just taking your example, if I had a chance to choose between +50% Elemental Damage and +50% crit damage, and I was able to reach say 3000 OA, then +50% crit all the way! Hell, I’d probably choose +10% crit damage over +50% Elemental.

Magi vs Amatok :

Same as above, you can compare two devotion in a vacuum, but it’s of limited use, because you also have to consider the devotion path in its entirety. Sometimes, it’s worth taking a constellation that doesn’t stricly fit you build because it allows you to take two Tier 3 constellations instead of one, or you spend less devotion points for unlocking and have more free points to take juicy nodes.

Magi requires 10 green, has 7 nodes, and gives you 3 green. Amatok requires 6 blue and 4 green, has 7 nodes, and gives 1 blue and 1 green. This means that Magi is more efficient, and in an Elemental build, you’ll generally aim for Blind Sage or Attak Seru, both requiring lots of green. Also, Blizzard is an “on crit” proc whereas Fissure is a regular “on attack” proc. It should mean that’s it’s easier to make Magi work than Amatok, since you need high OA to really benefit from Amatok.

But in general, neither should be your endgoal, they’re nice to have, but do not strike as essential constellations. Most important constellations are probably the ones that give a -Resistance Reduction% proc, and sadly, there is none for Elemental damage, but Rhowan’s Crown is good and the proc has a very nice flat -32 Elemental Resistance Reduction.

Roguelike vs Shattered Realms :

Shattered Realms is better for untargeted loot, you go as high as your build allows you, then you make two shards runs for max efficiency (75-76, 65-66, 50-51, whatever you can). Due to the abundance of mutators, and boss rooms with several bosses stacked, it is a bit of a stressful mode with varying difficulty that will keep you on your toes.

Roguelike vary much less because they have less mutators, so they’re more predicable, and in general more relaxing (depending on your build performance of course). There are also items than only drop there, the most notable ones being Epic and Ledengaries that only drop from the end bosses (Monster Infrequents or “MI” are green items that only drop from specific ennemy types, well, these Epic and Legendaries are MI that drop from specific bosses only)

For exemple, Alkamos, the last boss of the Steps of Tourment (considered to be the easiest Rogue-like dungeon by most players) has two epic rings, two legendary rings and one legendary scythe that only him can drop.

Thanks for the detailed explanations :slight_smile:

Crit Damage
I think I see where + crit damage comes in now. I was confused how both of those damage amps affected total damage. Since it’s harder to find +crit damage I’m assumed it was better but couldn’t find a concrete example or the calculation to figure out why.

Magi vs Amatok
I was hoping someone would look at them from the standpoint of ‘Ok if I have to choose one of these two, and my build uses auto attacks and Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange on top of elemental WPSs, which of those constellations would I go with?’ I know it’s not going to be a top build, but it’s fun for me and the plan is to keep going with this until I hit a wall and then adjust. So wanted to see which of the two more experienced players would choose (if they had to choose one) and why.

Your point on Blizzard requiring crits is a great one. I’ll have to see how well my OA does against bosses and heroes as I’d need the procs more then vs dealing with trash mobs.

Thankfully from what you’ve said I do have Blind Sage and Rowan’s. So glad I did at least something right :slight_smile:

And awesome, I’ll have to look up what drops from bosses in the Rougelikes.