(Critical Hit Chance) Question

How to increase critical hit chance?

I am a Druid/Shaman with Storm Totems.

My Offensive Ability is 1200-is and my critical hit % is zero???

So how do I increase critical hit?

I swear. This game has some of the weirdest stats requirements!! :o

Raise your Offensive Ability. Critical hit chance is based on your offensive ability and the enemy’s defensive ability and level.

I am at 1200-ish OA.

Is that too low to even land one critical?

It’s showing zero % critical chance! :frowning:

At which Level?

First of all what lvl are u? What type of build are u using? Caster, melee, pet.

Yeah it’s low to land critical hit…

U have to have like 3000 that’s good the best is if u have like 3100 - 3300.


Cause if u are fightning with a nemesis then this is the rate where u have circa 20% chance to land cricitcal hit, wich is huge. There are builds, that has 3500 3700 like blademaster. They have 22 25%.


If u using pets u don’t really need oa, but the pets need it.

DoT Casters: Depend on the build, but here the more DoT u have the more dmg u have and the focus is to have like 200% Duration.

This is the basic.


Game guide’s got you covered :cool: