Crit'ing Critter Build - Dual Wield Ghol's Ritualist - easy SR75-76, ~5:36 Crucible

Just playing around with something different… the theory behind this one is to pump up the critical damage as high as I can. With Primal Bond fairly high I’m getting about +140% critical damage globally for all pets. I’m dual wielding Scorpius Pummelers to further give the blights and briar +50% critical dmg x2… they should be around +240% critical damage. Then give them enough OA to actually use those big crits. :slight_smile: Also, fairly good amount of -% acid rr (-10% from Ghol’s pet, -20% from Ghols - Devouring Swarm, -30% from Rumor devo, -28 flat to Mogdrogen’s Pact from Ghol’s set) to help. The end result is a little glassier than I had hoped, I can almost beat Ravager (sure I could if I kited more), beats up SR75-76 pretty good, and is respectable in the Crucible (5:36 or so). By SR85 I really do feel the lack of a proper heal, though… this is much more suited for SR75-76 than for deep SR play. But, you can see just how easily it deals with chunk 4 in SR75…! Also, with Toad and the partial Revenant devo pets are getting a healthy 9% health steal. On their big critical hits, that does add up. All in all this is a C+ build, if I could find a few hundred more DA and some phys resist for the toon it’d be pretty strong. But, imperfect builds tend to be the most fun and engaging to play (pet ritualists often fall into this category :smiley: ), this one is definitely in that category for me, so I thought I’d share.

(Pierce, bleed resist better in game, 80%)

I did beat Ravager using Tree of Life and Istak devo path… but, through sheer will of mind I am going to make this 9% health steal version work. :smiley:

The build

SR75, it destroys nems / bosses at this level of SR, is even more effective against hordes.

Crucible run

vs Lokarr


This looks cool as hell. How would you recommend to level this up? I can craft the set, but I do not really have any pet leveling stuff, so I would have to do it SSF.

I would say for leveling just use the ol’ reliable faction item that support pet, get fettan helm, and follow the build devotion path. This way you only need to find good pants, gloves, and boots that fill your res or buff your pet more.

Sorry, I took one of my existing lvl 100 toons and geared it out to build this one, didn’t level it. For devos, start with Shep Cook, then Nighttalon, get Toad, greens, get Lion and Jackal to get Typhos (then take points back from Lion… good time to get your blues now) and finish out Mogdrogen and do Reverent last, at least that’d be my suggestion there.