Critique and suggestions for Rah'Zin's/Harbinger witchblade

Hello guys,

This is my second attempt at making my own original toon from scratch. After few hundred hours in GD I realized that I’ve never played a chaos build, so I decided to make one. I really like an idea of combining RahZin and Harbinger sets into one ranged witchblade with huge chaos weapon damage. Since Crate have lowered chaos resist of mobs, I though that stacked -chaos res combined with huge weapon damage can lead to some juicy wps and doombolt damage. The plan is to debuff, shoot and doombolt mobs.

Grimtools draft without augments

I have few questions to more experienced builders:

  • How viable this toon will be with some optimization? Is it even worth focusing on wd doombolt instead of cdr reduction pure vitality or chaos doombolt caster?
  • Any suggestions for pants,medal and boots to try for this build?
  • I am still trying to figure out devotions for this character. I tried fitting bat for some extra sustain, since items provide nice pierce/vit to chaos conversion, but wasn’t really able to do it without sacrificing ghoul for it. Also do you think droping abomination (with that sweet chaos wd) for Aeon is worth it? It will give double doombolt and usefull resistances. Or maybe drop dying god for it?

Any feedback is welcome. Sorry for my English

Offtopic: does anybody want to trade Rah’Zin blueprint or set pieces for mats or other set purples?

WD doombolt is a viable if fragile way to go, but it works better with Deceiver and its double RR, as well as hourglass instead of abomination. Something like this. Doombolt gives big but unreliable RR, so consider grabbing skeletons alongside it for consistency. Finally, drop sigil and veterancy. Sigil’s not going to do much for you and the gap in casting it is time when you could be shooting. Veterancy is the worst skill in soldier unless you’re doing a cunning dump.

If you’re set on Witchblade, I’d suggest something like this. Ring and weapon augments are both more or less set in stone- you need a lot of energy regen to spam doombolts.