Critique my Purifier build

Hello, first time posting on the forums, but have been lurking for awhile.

I just got my first character up to 100, a purifier. I’m now looking to refine my build, normally I would look at the various builds out the for devotion help, and the like. But there aren’t many good purifier builds out there currently to look at.

Here is my build:

Would appreciate any critiques and advise y’all can spare.


I have no idea how are you at level 100 with 8K hp but you need to fix it asap to 12K or better higher. Higher should be possible with new AoM craftable components. there are a few ideas how to do that.

Does ranged expertise even work with rifles? Anyway you are missing some important buffs and transmuters relevant to rifles too. And you are not using kraken while you absolutely should

I’m actually using dual pistols, just noticed the default when I loaded was my weapon switch (which I don’t actually use). Main main is on the switch.

I actually don’t die that much, but when I do it’s out of the blue. Between the health regen on my devotions and blast shield, I can survive all mobs, and most heroes. I am planning on improving my components though, I just started actual farming runs for Ugdenbloom. Do you have any suggestions on what to replace and where?

Just go full mythical Ulzuin and try to cap attack speed, while capping resists and getting some defences as well, can’t go wrong there. Use standard stuff Demolitionists usually do: 12/12 flashbang with ~3-5 points in Searing lights, Thermite mines, maxed out blast shield and 1 point in BWC with transmuter to debuff hard hitting bosses with high physical damage. Inquisitor mastery is very strong as well, max out wps outs, healing spell, use that damage absorbing rune to stand and shoot. Max health is important, choose devotions and components accordingly.

I’m pretty sure you can figure something out yourself if you spend half an hour on grimtools

You should improve your DA, 2400 is considered minimum these days, people go for 2700 to be safe. You can be near that with reducing monster OA with bwc instead, but it will require at least maxing bwc, and I’m not sure its better than investing in flashbang/searing light at this point

Finally :smiley:

Why would you max storm spread ?
An additionnal point add very little damage.

On the other hand, the WPS you didn’t take hits 3 times, resultint in a 240% weapon damage on single target and dealing 3 times the brimstone AOE.

I agree on using 1 point in bwc to reduce physical damage of monster by 18%. I would put more points into flashbang

2 easy fixes that would help a lot

  • searing might (transmuter on firestrike). absolute must have if you’re going to use a 2H weapon

  • kraken constellation devotion.

I’ve taken y’alls advice, I’ve made some changes, mainly to sacrifice DPS for health. I haven’t noticed any real decrease in kill speed (except I have more time to use my skills), and my health went up about 2k. I’m just shy of 11k with buffs.

I don’t know why I would buff storm spread. Honestly, I don’t know anything about the inquisitor side of things besides what I’ve used. I maxed them, then just let +skills do what they do. That’s one thing I’m looking for, what to steal points from to add points to.

> 10000% agree, it boost damage by CRAZY AMOUNT (purifier player talking)

> That is more controversial : kraken devotion gives too much physical damage boost to me, and if you want to have hand of ulthos and meteor shower, it is hard to include it.
> You can try to set devotions to include it

> Grimtool link ?
Micro adjustment to skill points must be done with a given equipment. Inquisitor tree is very sensitive to +X skills. Give me the link and I will took it accordingly

yeah it’s kinda hard to fit kraken, ultos and torch into the same build, but purifier is more of a fire-biased build anyway, so the lightning & cold boosts from ultos aren’t all that great and the RR is the same lousy RR type you get from the viper constellation (ultos is a bit stronger i think? 25 vs. 20 ?).

that type of RR isn’t all that valuable anyway and viper fits nicely into the devotion concept since kraken+viper gives enough blue affinity to “carry” kraken, so you don’t need another filler constellation for the blue points. also enough to unlock behemoth which is always nice to have for the +300 HP and the heal passive.

the physical damage of kraken is really a non-issue. the 2 arms that give +40% physical damage each also give +10% attack speed each. for an autoattack spam build, the 2 x 10% attack speed alone would be a good enough reason to get the nodes, even if they didn’t have that tacked on physical damage bonus that may or may not help with the specific build.

the 120 % all damage and 15% crit damage from the other nodes are also very strong. the 5% movespeed is nice to have, but not super important for a purifer since you get total speed from vindictive flame and movespeed from word of renewal anyway, so capping movespeed isn’t all that hard for that class.

Attack speed cap you say? You may get Kilrian’s shattered soul in chest. I think there was a new component with AS for helms too, eldritch mirror, but its better to stay with leathery hide if you have no other sources of stun resist. Then there is seal of annihilation for necklace or more common dread skull. If still below the cap, you can use consecrated wrappings in hands and maybe another ring with AS. Jackal and revenant devotion.

That’s one thing I’m looking for, what to steal points from to add points to.

If you look at ranged expertise you gain 1% attack speed and 8% elemental damage from overcapping it, so why not keep it at 10 pt and use these extra 4 elsewhere. Almost the same thing with deadly aim. Overcapping things like blast shield, inquisitor seal and vigor pays off if you need more sustain, but when you are short on points it may be better to leave them just capped.

Sorry, I meant to post a new link, but I ended up passing out and going to sleep. Here is my current link: I also switched my weapons so it would default to my dual pistols which I actually use.

I traded some DPS for some more health, got it up to 10k. I’ll work on it a some more, but I also need to farm some more ugedenbloom. It’s amazing how much of that you need.

The main things I know I need help with is my devotions and my inquisitor skills. I like my current skills, but know my point distribution isn’t that great. I also know I could probably have a more efficient devotion setup.

I do appreciate all y’alls help, and I am taking it under advisement.

Also, one thing I see a lot of people recommending is dropping stun jacks for BWC. I had that for most of my leveling, switched it up after I found the gloves that add damage to stun jacks. I find the stop from the stun jacks more effective in keeping enemies at bay longer, allowing me to sit in my seal longer before kiting. Seems more effective for me for the 2 points I use then when I had BWC. I feel like keeping them away longer is better then reducing their OA and damage when they get to me.

Hi there

You only have 20% Vitality resistance > one item is probably wrong :slight_smile:
I will propose a rebalanced later today.

Stun jacks do not work on bosses, so why would you use them at all. BWC is used on bosses and maybe flesh hulks while you shouldn’t have problems with regular mobs hitting you. If you have problems with regular mobs, you have problems with armor, DA, hp. Hint: use scaled hides in armor. Cap vigor.

here we go :

I un - maxed several skills to better distribute them > inquisitor is terribly bad when his spells go beyond max ;o

I also changed the devotion binding