Critique of QJ Ele build?

It’s probably not much different than most other QJ builds but I haven’t seen any QJ Ele threads hit the front page recently so I’m guessing QJ Ele has fallen out of favor or something.

Barely managed to get him into the 2700 range for DA, can probably shift some Spirit to Physique but reluctant to because in my tests so far he’s been very demanding with energy.

Aspirant Crucible is not too bad so far, haven’t gotten to the really bad waves yet (still in double digits).

EDIT: Ready for Challenger, finally.

I would recommend using Harp devotion to avoid any mana problems since you are using a shield. You can easily use restless remains in gloves too, your bleeding resist is overcapped by a lot (and it does not make sense to overcap it) and you can use Coven’s augment for poison resist. 10% more casting speed is a strong damage boost really.

I would say either use Conduit of Wild whispers with a modifier for Storm Totem, or use celestial stone of halakor for more Storm Totems. Your build is not that hungry on skill points. I would say Halakor is preferred, for strong OA boost, cdr and extra totem.

As for gear why not use this. Seems like an insane weapon for Stun Jacks Elementalist. Extra projectile, +1 to all skills, same cdr/crit as Spark of Ultos but with -rr% proc on top of that.

And last but not the least, I would choose something better as a boot or pants option. You need to get a bit more phys res and use heavy gear if possible. Stormbearers looks like a solid option, or any good crafted green.

Also, your components are a bit messed up. You should get more armor absorb, get at least 92%. You have so much armor with Light Defender and you are basically not using it to a full potential.

Alright, thanks for pointing out those better gearing options. I don’t have Stormbearers or the scepter at my disposal (yet) but with a bit of farming I’ll probably find a pair. Swapped around some components as well to get more armor absorb.