Cronley in SR?

Uhhhh, I’m not sure what I’m missing guys, but all of a sudden I can’t get through SR60/61 with my Dagallon Purifier anymore because Cronley keeps spawning in the boss room, and he is absolutely annihilating me with those (cold?) meteors that literally seem to have no casting cooldown? Like, even if I take pharma I still can’t even come close to him.

On top of that, there has been a couple times when I die near the original spawn point from his meteors, every time I reenter the room, his meteors are already coming down on my head for a truly LOL experience.

What am I doing wrong here? I used to farm 60/61 with ease, I’ve only noticed this in the past week or so. Really frustrating…

His meteors has no something like auto-aim and they do not follow you, he cast it on specific place he choose, like you can cast devastation. Crate boss has same mechanic as example. If he casts them just go away and fight him in another place, repeat :wink:

First boss in video, not Cronley exactly but these meteors are same mechanic Darius Hinass

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Thanks, I guess I’ll just have to figure out a way to kite better while he’s casting the meteors, but it’s harder to isolate him from the other bosses when I’m doing that. I usually end up getting overwhelmed by some other attacks.

I’m admittedly not good at fighting multiple nems at the same time, and since one of the recent patches I’ve noticed the bosses in the Conclave room spawn closer to you so they’re on you a lot quicker and it’s harder to take them on 1 at a time.

Also I didn’t realize Cronley was renamed to Connolay for SR, haha. Good catch, @AlkamosHater! :laughing:

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If you have troubles fighting more bosses at once you can rotate your camera to south, it decrease their vision range so it’s easier to pull them 1 by 1. You can see it in video above either.

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Yeah, I’ve never tried the camera trick before it feels kinda lame. Does it even still work? I thought Z tried to get rid of that.

Nope it is still in and he has no intention of getting rid of it unless we complain too much :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like it in farming shards too but if you want some easier experience then why not? I doubt Zantai will repair it because it’s how engine works, it’s same in titan quest I guess.
It’s same thing as “classic” agroabuse tbh, you have just more consistency and it really matters more in very deep shards - and even without it you can reposistion bosses by just dying on the opposite side room over and over. Instead of passing boss room in 10 min you will do that in 20.

Ok now THAT I can work with lol, worst case I’ll try that trick and see if that helps, thanks!

Using resistance potions, health increasing potions and so on.

SR Cronley (Connolay, weird name) has the same meteor shower attack from Galfang, where each meteor almost deals the same damage as Aleks’s meteor. It’s Aleks’s meteor, but several drop in an area for several seconds. Your best course of action is obviously to move out of the area when they are dropping.