Cronley's Gang? But he's dead...

This has been on my mind for a while. So, Cronley’s Gang is a faction. And my question is, in the expansions and new content, what is going to happen with them? Because we killed Cronley. Some of us have killed him many times.

So wouldn’t it make more sense to just have the faction be ‘Outlaws’ or something to that affect?

It’s just a weird thought. But I mean, how can Cronley’s Gang exist without its namesake? :eek:

It is odd to think about and i have no real answer.

However you have to remember he does re-spawn every session :p;):rolleyes:

Because he was affected by the power of aether crystals and now has the ability of rebirth, so we get to kill him over and over. His faction exists to stop us from doing so :slight_smile:

Reverence for their former leader?

I’d personally like to see a larger Cronley’s Gang dungeon filled to the brim with Cronley’s compatriots from prison. That they are associated with the Aetherials just leaves them even more room to interact with the story henceforth. After all, kicking the Aetherials off Cairn will involve ‘curing’ or otherwise dispatching the Aetherwarped members of Cronley’s.

If any one knows the movie “The Princess Bride”, maybe Cronley is just a name, not really the person. Could explain why there is a new cronley each session.

Interesting theories :smiley:

I certainly wouldn’t complain about another all-Cronley dungeon.

Maybe another quest for Devil’s Crossing since that’s the only way to get rep with them. I think there should be another quest that you unlock upon reaching revered with a faction.

Well Cronley and his gang were forced west of Devil’s Crossing by the Burrwitch survivors.

It could work to have some of his gang going through the western bridge on their exodus to secure some area that Cronley knew of or perhaps just to explore.

That or link Arkovia/Cronley’s Gang to that area via a broken bridge/obstacle that can be gotten around in some way.

Might be an idea to call them by some other gang name and then have Cronley as their leader (or one of their leaders).