Cronley's Hideout can't click objects

This has happened multiple times to me now. I enter Cronley’s room and part way through the fight, it’s almost as if there’s an invisible layer placed over top of a large portion of the room. Any interactable object (portal, enemies, items) no longer shows a tooltip or health indicator at the top of the screen. If I move out of this section, I’m able to click on things again.

In the image, I have my cursor over top of the portal and cannot click it. But if I move up and to the right so that I’m on the right side of the rock pile, then I can open a portal there and it works. Also notice on the left side, I was able to click the treasure chest to open it, but cannot click on ANY of the items that came out of it. I also double-checked, and my loot filter is not what is interfering with seeing the items on the ground. I’ve got it set to show yellow or better, and you can see there are yellow an green sparkles

Also, I can’t use the “pick up items” key (Z for me) to manually pick up stuff on the ground.

Some additional information.

In order to defeat Cronley, I had to kite him into the upper right corner of the room because it was about half-way through the fight that I was unable to click on things in most of the room.

I was able to walk through the rest of the room to the exit portal, but could not click on the portal, and none of the enemies activated to attack me while I was walking through this section.

I created a portal in the safe section that worked that I mentioned above, and went back to town, and completed the quest by talking to Mornay in Burbon’s office. After doing that, and returning, I was now able to pick up the items that came out of the chest and the enemies on the way to the exit are now properly active. It seems like this click blocking is linked to some stage of the quest.

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