Crop Cycle has stopped rotating to Years 2 and 3 - build 0.7.4

Hi Team

I posted this in the Feedback forum but realised its probably best to post it here. My crop rotations have stopped rotating to Year 2 and 3 which requires a lot of land management. I almost ran out of food and couldn’t figure out how, then realised that my crop rotations just kept rotating back to the start.

Not sure if this is a bug or something I’ve pressed, but it didn’t feel like this was meant to be the case.

Hopefully someone else has had this issue as well.

Maybe you disable production or fired workers?

See I did just that. I removed all the crop rotations, disabled working there. Left it for a bit and then started it all back up, but no joy. The rotation just fails to move on. It’s workable but also kinda pain in the butt having to look every year to make sure you’re growing what you need!

Can you show me a screenshot of the farm that’s not rotating in one year, then again when a new year begins?

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Certainly can - I’ll just fire it up now. Also to add to this bug report, when you reset Year 1 again, it moves everything you put in Year 1 to Year 3 and starts Year 1 blank. This means every turn of the year you have to put Year 1’s rotation back in.

You’re supposed to put crops into all 3 years, not just one if that’s what you’re doing. Year 1 goes to Year 3, Year 2 goes up to Year 1 and Year 3 goes up to Year 2.

Nope, that’s what I’ve been doing, sadly it doesn’t work. What also happens is it shifts what you wanted in Year 2 to Year 3, whereas I am certain before, the Year 1 would just be done and greyed out, then it would move down to Year 2, grey that out and then Year 3. Maybe I’m going mad, but I’m sure that’s what used to happen. Then after Year 3 was complete, you got a warning to go and assign crops again.

Am I going mad?

Your screenshots look like the rotations are happening as normal.

Year 1 becomes year 3, year 3 becomes year 2, and year 2 becomes year 1 (current active rotation)

Ok so the green line never moves across Year 2 and Year 3? I swear it used to…maybe I’m going mental.

This is what happens when you put in one rotation. I’ll try and put in more rotations again and see what happens. Thanks for looking at it though.


[I] is always the current rotation and [II] and [III] are what will happen next year and the year after that. Every year they all shift over.

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Well that settles that then - maybe I just imagined the green bar going over years 2 and 3. Thanks for the help

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