Crop Field Expansion, buggy

If you expand a crop field and include the existing filed in the expansion, the resulting worker count is higher than it should be for the final field. Its keeping the workers from the original field and adding worker for the new field size, instead of counting the existing workers in the new worker count.

It also doesn’t appear to correctly do a crop field expansion sometimes, this one got interrupted by severe cold. It was also stacked on top of previous fields I deleted.

Picture documentation:

The worker count is based on the number of tiles, so that 4 workers expanded field makes sense. The expansion you were placing was going to add ~3 workers, but since part of it was cut off, you ended up with +2 for a total of 4.

That last one is tricky, but doesn’t look outrageously out of line either.

Please double check that. Compare the expansion grid size worker count to a fresh new field of the same grid size. Also, I think I checked that a field of the size in my example should have 3 workers.

What made me notice this in the first place was the odd missing sections of field, noted in the 1x6 gridded section. I kept trying to expand and re-expand a field to make it nice rectangle and it ended up with a worker count in the dozens.

I did the same thing, after expanding a field, I tried to ‘re-expand’ to fill in the gaps and make a nice rectangle.

I didn’t look at the number of workers required when expanding but was shocked to see that 58 workers were now suddenly wanted for those four fields. After seeing this post yesterday I rechecked the fields and noted the farmer numbers.
Expanded four fields: – (1) 5 of 8 workers – (2) 5 of 28 – (3) 5 of 10 – (4) 5 of 12 = 58 farmers

I built four new max size fields and each one of these only needed 7 workers each.
I happily deleted the originals. Thanks for pointing out the imbalance, those worker are sorely needed elsewhere! :slight_smile:

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