Crops vanishing after harvest

I have two farms… one growing flax, the other growing wheat and buckwheat. After harvest, their crops vanish… they do not go into the granary, into the town storage, into the windmill, or into any of the houses… they’re just… gone. I can see that 590-ish were harvested, but none of those 590ish made it into the supply chain at any point, they just disappeared.

App ID: 1044720
Build ID: 14175390

There is a small area in the field where the farmers put the harvest for short term. You can click on the field, down below in the field details, you can expand it (in fall) and see if it is filled . If you release the farmers for winter (as i do too) too early, they won’t clear that depot. Only farmers can clear the short term storage in the field and transport the goods to other warehouses and root cellars. If you don’t have enough space there, the goods will vanish / rot in the field. If farmers have to travel too far to cellars and warehouses/ fields, same might happen. Temp housing, close proximity cellars / warehouses to the field should solve your issue.

Might that be it? Could of course be a bug.

Have fun

Are you using any mod that makes fires farmer during winter? There’s a storage in one of the corners of all farms where farmers will storage goods during harvest, and will carry them to another storage later, but only they can interact with this storage